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DIY Margarita Salt Scrub

Bring the party to bath time every time you use this DIY Margarita Salt Scrub made with sea salt, coconut oil, lime essential oil, and tequila!

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Cinco de Mayo is at the end of the week, so can we talk about margaritas?  Margaritas are one of my favorite drinks of choice when I go out.  Lucky for me, there are a couple restaurants around here that make the best margaritas!  I love trying new margarita flavors from the drink menu (like the cucumber agave margarita that I recently tried and loved).  I like a nice frozen margarita during the heat of summer while I’m dining outdoors. Otherwise, it’s on the rocks and no salt!

However, today I’m bringing out the salt to make a DIY that’s perfect for Cinco de Mayo!  Get ready to party this weekend with this DIY Margarita Salt Scrub!  Body scrubs are one of my bathroom must-haves.  I use them a few times a week to exfoliate my skin and keep it moisturized.  I’ve tried many scrubs from many brands, but I really love making my own.

I generally prefer salt scrubs over sugar scrubs just because I feel like they exfoliate better. Body scrubs, in general, are super easy to make.  You probably have most of the ingredients on hand already to make a salt scrub.  All of the salt scrubs I make have three key ingredients: fine sea salt, coconut oil, and essential oil.  The rest is completely customizable! 

Since this is a margarita inspired salt scrub, I added lime essential oil, a little lime zest, and I even got a little crazy and poured in a splash of tequila (I used Casamigos Tequila). Paired with coconut oil for moisturizing and the slew of benefits from lime essential oil, this is a perfect body scrub to celebrate Cinco de Mayo – or bath time!


  • 1/2 cup fine sea salt
  • 2 tbsp. coconut oil
  • 100% pure lime essential oil
  • Zest of 1 small lime
  • 1 tsp. tequila 
  • Green and yellow food coloring, optional


  1. If coconut oil has solidified, scoop out 2 tbsp. and melt it for 20 seconds in the microwave.
  2. Mix coconut oil and sea salt together in a bowl.
  3. Then, add lime essential oil.  Start with 10 drops and add more oil, if desired.
  4. Next, zest a small lime into the scrub mixture.
  5. Stir in tequila and add a few drops of yellow or green coloring, if desired.
  6. Store salt scrub in a sealed jar.

You’ll bring the party to bath time each time you use this salt scrub!  The refreshing scent of lime will keep you energized and ready to go.  Sea salt will gently exfoliate your skin to get you glowing before you head out to celebrate!  Make this DIY Margarita Salt Scrub for yourself or the margarita lover in your life!

See this DIY Margarita Salt Scrub tutorial in action on my Facebook page!


 What’s your favorite margarita flavor?


    1. Nope! No refrigeration required. I kept this in my bathroom closet and it lasted me about a month or two. I used it every time I showered so I don’t have an exact shelf life.

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