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How to Make a Fairy Garden Terrarium

Thank you to Joykick for sponsoring this post and providing me with this darling Fairy Garden House Kit to use in this terrarium project.

Spring begins in exactly one week!  I am definitely looking forward to warmer weather and getting outside more often.  Especially in the garden!  During one of our recent unseasonably warm days, my husband and I spent the afternoon outside doing yard work.  He trimmed our berry bushes and I pulled dead plants to get ready for new ones.  I am looking forward to the process of planning our outdoor garden, picking new fruits and veggies to plant, and getting my hands down in the dirt.  

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m a huge fan of succulents, cacti, and terrariums.  So I decided to satisfy my urge to garden by making a fairy garden terrarium.  It was a great rainy day project to put together. The terrarium added some more greenery to my office (I have a Christmas cactus on my desk) and looks adorable sitting on my bookcase!

I got a large, glass container and layered small rocks, sphagnum moss, and cactus mix potting soil.  A few small succulents and some preserved moss would provide the greenery.  Then, the fun began!  I used this fairy garden kit to create my magical, indoor garden sanctuary. This kit includes a fairy house, enchanted bench, flute playing fairy, and bunny friend.  

Each piece adds a magical touch to the terrarium.  The colors are vibrant and I love every little detail – like the floral touches and “believe” on the house doors that can open and close (I might add some fairy lights inside the house in the future).  



1. Start by adding a generous layer of rocks to the bottom of the container.  You want to provide ample drainage for your plants.  Succulents prefer living in drier conditions.

2. Next, dampen some sphagnum moss with a little water.  Make sure the moss is damp, not soaked or saturated.  Add a thick layer of moss on top of the rock layer.

3. Plan the position of your fairy garden kit miniatures and plants. Position each piece. Then, plant your succulents.

4. Now that your succulents are all tucked in, it’s time to start decorating. Dampen some green preserved moss (it makes it easier to work with and adds moisture to the environment) and start placing your fairy garden miniatures.

5. Add moss, stones, and rocks around your terrarium.  Use larger rocks to create a pathway to the house.  Give your fairy a comfy place to live!

Joykick has been kind enough to offer a discount for this Fairy Garden House Kit.  Save 30% on this kit by using code FAIRY30F.  This code is available for a limited time, so don’t wait to shop for your fairy garden kit!  Visit Joykick for more information about their fairy garden collections.


Make your own fairy garden terrarium with this kit or set it up outside.  Either way, this fairy garden is sure to add a whimsical touch to your home and garden!


  1. Your fairy garden terrarium is so cute! I really like the combination of materials and plants that you put together for the fairy garden. I bet your fairy absolutely loves living there!

    1. Thanks so much! I love making terrariums because of the materials you can use to create a little garden sanctuary in a container!

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