I Love You Deerly Valentine’s Day Treat Topper

February 3, 2022

Add an I Love You Deerly Valentine’s Day Treat Topper to something sweet for your Valentine!  This easy Cricut project will help you create an adorable Valentine’s Day gift using the Print Then Cut feature.  

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A couple years ago, I created Valentine’s Day treat toppers with a s’mores theme.  They were the first Print Then Cut project that I made with Cricut Design Space and, after a few kinks, they turned out really cute!  So cute that I ended up making a set for my niece’s class.

Even though my husband and I usually don’t exchange gifts, I’ll always give him a little token of my love and appreciation.  Since he’s a very outdoorsy kind of guy, I decided to make another treat topper in Design Space with him in mind.

Not only did I make these “I Love You Deerly” treat toppers with my husband in mind, but I also wanted to give them a retro vibe. So I found a deer image in Design Space that kind of reminded me of deer I’ve seen on vintage Valentine’s Day cards.

I added a few hearts to the design and changed the colors around.  Then, I added “I Love You Deerly” in a mix of fonts.  Once my design was finished, I made sure to add score lines and got to work on my treat toppers.

I Love You Deerly Valentine’s Day Treat Topper

These treat toppers are easy to put together and make an adorable Valentine’s Day gift!  Once the treat toppers are finished, fill cellophane bags with candy (or any other small Valentine’s Day treat) and attach by stapling them to the top.

The hard part is done for you with this project.  All you’ll need to do is open up the file and make it.

First, we have to print the design.  You’ll be prompted to send the project to the printer.  Turn the “Add Bleed” option off and hit “Print.”  If necessary, use a paper trimmer to cut the cardstock to fit your printer.

Once the design has been printed, prepare a couple of LightGrip mats with the printed cardstock design and a solid color like red or pink.  Follow the prompts on screen to make the treat toppers.

You’ll have to switch between using a scoring wheel and fine point blade.  The scoring wheel will add a nice clean crease for folding.  And the fine point blade will cut inside the black border that’s be printed on the design.

Once you’ve made your desired amount of treat toppers, fold the cardstock along the crease.  Then, use school glue to glue the printed cardstock to the solid color cardstock.

Allow the glued treat toppers to dry completely.  Then, fill small plastic baggies or cellophane bags with Valentine’s Day candies (or any other small Valentine’s Day toys or treats).

Use a stapler to attach the treat toppers to the tops of the bags.  Then, give this Valentine’s Day gift to someone you love “deerly!”



  1. Power on the Cricut Maker and open the treat topper design in Design Space.
  2. If necessary, resize the design to fit your treat bag.  Then, hit “Make It” and follow the instructions to print.
  3. Load white cardstock in the printer (you may need to cut it with a paper trimmer to fit) and send to printer.
  4. Once the design is printed, place the cardstock on a Light Grip Mat and load it into the Maker.
  5. Load the Single Scoring Wheel, as prompted in Design Space, and hit “go.”
  6. Then, switch to the Fine Point Blade to cut the design.
  7. Load red or pink cardstock into the machine and continue.
  8. Once both toppers are cut, glue the white layer on top of the red/pink layer and fold.  Allow the treat toppers to dry.
  9. Fill a cellophane bag with Valentine’s Day candy.
  10. Close the bag and attach the treat topper with a stapler to create an adorable Valentine’s Day gift!

If you’re looking for a full tutorial on how to create your own treat toppers in Design Space, head to this post. There’s a bit of info on what I learned while making my first treat topper project.

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