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Patriotic Washi Tape Paint Can Lanterns

These DIY Patriotic Washi Tape Paint Can Lanterns make easy decor for your 4th of July celebration!

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Patriotic Washi Tape Paint Can Lanterns

I have a new obsession with washi tape.  With so many great patterns, colors, and designs available, I’m building up quite the collection!  Washi tape is great for decorating just about anything!  So now I’m starting to use it in more of my DIY projects.
Being that the 4th of July is right around the corner, I’ve partnered with Oriental Trading to make DIY patriotic washi tape lanterns.  These lanterns are made out of clear paint cans and decorated with an assortment of patriotic washi tape designs.  Add a battery operated tea light inside for a soft, nighttime glow.  So simple!
Patriotic Washi Tape Paint Can Lantern


DIY paint cans
Patriotic washi tape set
Battery operated tea lights


1. Use your washi tape to create alternative stripes around your lantern.  Where you place your tape is totally up to you.  I placed a stripe near the top and bottom of the paint can, as well as three in the middle.
2. Remove the lid from the paint can and place a battery operated tea light inside.  If using these lanterns strictly at night, turn the tea light on before placing it inside the lantern. 
3. Replace the lid and display or hang your lantern for fun and festive 4th of July decor!

Patriotic Washi Tape Paint Can Lanterns

This 4th of July DIY project takes only a few minutes to make.  If you need to decorate in a hurry, you can throw together a couple of these lanterns before your guests arrive for your backyard celebration!
Because washi tape can easily be removed and replaced, you can also use these lanterns again and again.  Alternate washi tape designs between seasons and holidays.
Visit Oriental Trading for more craft and party supplies to help you throw the ultimate 4th of July celebration!

Do you use washi tape in your DIY projects?

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