A Birthday Beach Walk

June 26, 2013

My husband celebrated his birthday over the weekend.  As part of our quiet celebration, we took an early evening drive to the Old Bridge Waterfront Park.  We weren’t sure what to expect post-Sandy, but we had hoped to find the boardwalk path we enjoyed spared from the storm.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t.  The first part of the boardwalk was in shambles and only a section of walk remained halfway down the beach. Wooden posts stood barren along the sand.  Although sad to see, this didn’t deter us from enjoying our evening stroll along the beach.

The piers were still alive with the sounds of hopeful fishermen dropping lines into the bay and the excitement of kids being that close to the water.

The waterfront is home to a variety of birds, but also an abundance of horseshoe crabs.  We had never seen so many before!  As our good deed for the day, we flipped horseshoe crabs that were tossed over from incoming waves with large sticks.  My husband didn’t want to “end up on the internet,” but I caught him in the act of saving one of our marine friends because it was cute!

On the walk back, we spotted this horseshoe crab moseying along in the sand.  I also found a piece of wrecked dock or boardwalk and an interesting piece of driftwood.  I’m currently working on a decorative project using both pieces. More on that in a future post!
Despite some of the leftover destruction from last year’s Superstorm, the beaches of New Jersey already seem to be buzzing with happy visitors!


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