A Look Back on 2015

December 31, 2015

A Look Back on 2015

2015 is ending and it’s time to take a look back and reflect on this past year.  You know how you can look back on your Facebook memories?  I found this status the other day and it made me so happy!  As 2013 came to a close, I was set to make 2014 my best year ever.  Even though this status is from 2013 looking onto 2014, I feel like I can say the same for 2014 going onto 2015.  Every year has been a new, wonderful growth period for me with so many lessons learned and so much that I’ve learned about myself. 

2013 has taught me so much.  It’s taught me about truth, love, about honesty, about kindness, about loyalty, about myself and the person I want to be and about pushing forward no matter the obstacles.  So many lessons have been learned.  I’m ready for 2014’s clean slate.  I’ve tackled hurdles and although I’ve stumbled along the way, I’ve gotten up and kept on running.  As I end 2013, I realize that nothing can get in my way.  I am exactly where I need to be.


This year, I set out to work my butt off!  I took my blog from a hobby to a business.  It took a lot of dedication, but one of my biggest goals for 2014 was to monetize and grow my blog.  I can say that I’ve taken baby steps, but certainly succeeded.  I’ve had the chance to develop partnerships with some awesome brands that I look forward to work with again in 2016.  

I’ve learned that it definitely takes money to make money.  I’ve made some wise investments and tried some things that failed (my now defunct Etsy shop and Darby Smart shop).  I’ve rebranded and made my blog the space I truly wanted it to be. The one piece of advice I would give any blogger who is looking to grow – expect to spend money within your first year while you get settled into your space in the blogosphere and your niche. Whether you fail or find small successes, it’s worth every penny!

I’ve also been able to connect with other wonderful bloggers and developed friendships that I’m very thankful to have.  I’ve enjoyed continuing to contribute new posts to Hello Nature and I cannot wait for the link-up I’m starting with Ashley next week!

Although my sales weren’t as impressive as I would have liked them to be this year, I grew my following on Darby Smart and have been grateful for the support I’ve received from the DS team.  I also gained a lot more exposure as a designer through newsletters and features, including having my DIY Clay Cactus Plant featured on Buzzfeed!  

Speaking of features, let’s not forget about the DIY Halloween Dog Treats that made it onto Popsugar Pets! Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with my little blog’s growth this year.  I can’t wait to share new stories, recipes, and DIY projects in 2016!  Thank you to everyone who has supported my blog this past year.  

My most popular posts from 2015:


It’s been an equally awesome year in my personal life!  My husband’s become one of my biggest supporters (he wasn’t always too sure about this blogging gig) and I’ve been happy to have him involved in some of my projects.  He’s inspired me and I’ve never felt closer to him as I have this past year.  

In July, we not only celebrated our third wedding anniversary, but welcomed a new niece and our puppy, Hunter, into the family.  Coincidentally enough, they were born a day apart!  

The Fall brought some major adjustment periods as I got used to not only being a fur mama, but re-adjusting my schedule to accommodate Hunter.  Thankfully, five months later we’ve found a balance so he gets the attention he needs and I can get some work done!  Now, Hunter’s become such a big part of our home that I can’t imagine our house without his little fur butt in it!

It’s truly been a great year and I hope 2016 is even better!

What are some of your best moments of 2015?

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