A Visit to Lancaster – Day 2

October 1, 2013

We got dressed and ready for day two of our Lancaster trip and headed down to the Olde Mill Restaurant for breakfast. We had their Horse and Buggy Breakfast; a delicious plate of eggs served over English muffins with melted cheese on top and a side of hash browns and coffee cake (the coffee cake went home as a treat for my husband).

After breakfast, we went to Kitchen Kettle Village for a few quick stops, then walked to a pretzel shop for pretzels and lemonade.  We sat outside and planned the rest of the afternoon.  We were hoping for fresh apple cider doughnuts from a farmer’s market, but they weren’t outside making them this time.  Instead, we headed to one of the most fun and usual places we’ve ever visited during a trip to Lancaster.

Hayloft Candles is set in the middle of farmland in Leola, PA.  Upon pulling up to the candle shop, you are greeted by donkey and goat pens with feed machines to spend your quarters getting up close and personal with these animals.  I was happy to see I wouldn’t have to impatiently wait for children to get out of my way so I could throw some quarters in, grab my feed and go to town making friends with these furry creatures.  I spent too much time feeding the goats (of course) and had fun chasing the ducks around.  While walking through the petting zoo, we saw chickens, ducks and swans, doves, a little pot-bellied pig, a Scottish Highland Cow and deer.  While approaching the deer, two adorable little girls ran up to us and let us know not to feed “that deer” as he was “pushing the other deer around.”  They were very cute and both deer were gentle and sweet.

This donkey and I became BFFs.  I wish I could have taken her home!

We went inside to find a two floor store with more candles than you can imagine!  They came in a wide variety of shapes, scents and sizes.  There’s also glassware, crocheted dish towels (I purchased one in a cherry print that matches my kitchen), books, souvenir gifts and crafts for purchase.  If having a petting zoo and candle shop in the same vicinity wasn’t fun enough, there is also homemade ice cream for sale in the candle shop!

We didn’t go far after Hayloft Candles.  We walked across the street to a great little produce stand.  We couldn’t believe the prizes on the fresh fruits and vegetables for sale!  If you were left with only pocket change, you could find something to bring home and eat!  I bought cauliflower for 75 cents, two dozen farm fresh eggs for a dollar and change a carton, a loaf of homemade honey wheat bread for a dollar and change, fresh canned (as in a mason jar, not a can) pumpkin for a couple dollars, spaghetti squash for a few quarters–why don’t I live in the country?!  It would save me so much on my food bill!

We left that roadside stand to head to another farmer’s market.  Organic locally grown grapes, turkey bacon, lemonade and a handmade car air freshener (in the shape of a cowboy boot, scented in an oil called “Wild West”) were purchased. We rounded out our trip with dinner at Cracker Barrel.  Never a bad choice!


Although the quiet countryside is often nice to visit, Dorothy said it best: there’s no place like home!  Of course, if home came with miles and miles of farm views, it would make being home even better!


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