A Visit to Red’s Lobster Pot

July 13, 2013

As part of my article for the Stronger than the Storm campaign, I took a drive down to Red’s Lobster Pot in Point Pleasant.  I met with Kitty, the owner, and she told me her story about how Superstorm Sandy affected her restaurant and also her home.  To hear about Sandy’s devastation face-to-face from a shore local was truly heartbreaking. Despite the beating the restaurant took from Sandy, Red’s is back and open for business!  My stomach was very thankful for that!

Red’s Lobster Pot has been open for 20 years.  The ingredients used in the restaurant are bought directly from local fishing boats.  Produce is also locally purchased.  Red’s has an indoor restaurant and outdoor eatery.  My visit wasn’t all business.  My cousin accompanied me to have lunch at Red’s.  We chose to sit on the deck, right next to the water, where you can watch the fishing boats go in and out of the docks.  Again I say, there’s nothing more peaceful than being near the water.

You may remember #1 on my summer bucket list – to eat a lobster roll.  That I did!  But not before being served a complimentary bowl of the most delectable lobster bisque with a side of homemade croutons.  The lobster bisque was the perfect balance of a creamy, buttery base with just a hint of lemon, and big chunks of lobster meat and vegetables.  Perfection!  If my meal was made up of just that bowl of lobster bisque, I would have left Red’s happily satisfied!

Next came our lobster rolls served on toasted buns with a side of coleslaw.  Red’s does not skimp on their lobster meat.  Our lobster rolls were piled high with the sweet meat.  The lobster filling was succulent and delicious on its own, but I turned it up a notch with a splash of Tabasco for the perfect little kick in between bites!
Thank you to Kitty and her staff for such great service during our visit!  We will definitely be back!  If you’re down the shore this summer, visit Red’s Lobster Pot for fresh and local seafood. Red’s is located on 57 Inlet Drive in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.


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