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12 Advent Calendars for Everyone on Your List

The holiday season is almost here! Celebrate the countdown to Christmas with Advent calendars from beauty to booze, LEGOS to slime, and more!

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The days of stale chocolate Advent calendars are long gone. It seems like there’s an Advent calendar for just about everyone and everything these days. Including pets!  Year after year, I keep seeing all sorts of different Advent calendars that I would love, but I always seem to miss out on them.  This year, I randomly found a cheese Advent calendar in the grocery store while I was grocery shopping.  It’s been sitting in my fridge just waiting to be opened! 

The anticipation to crack open day one of my cheese calendar has been major! But at least it’s giving me to time to find a wine Advent calendar to accompany it – trust me, they’re out there!  When I started this list, I didn’t realize how many Advent calendars I would actually find (this is just a small fraction of the many. many calendars available).  I’m not kidding when I say there’s seriously an Advent calendar for everyone!  

Have kids who love slime?  Yup.  There’s a calendar for that.  Got a guy who loves bourbon?  Well, bottoms up! Are you a planner junkie?  You might want to grab that BIC calendar full of pens and pencils!  There are so many ways to make the countdown to Christmas a little more fun and joyful!

12 Advent Calendars for Everyone on Your List
    1. Slime Advent Calendar
    2. Hot Wheels Advent Calendar
    3. Bath Bomb Advent Calendar
    4. Hot Sauce Advent Calendar
    5. Tea Advent Calendar
    6. Bourbon Advent Calendar
    7. LOccitane Advent Calendar
    8. Dog Days of Christmas Advent Calendar
    9. BIC Advent Calendar
    10. Gifts for Girls Advent Calendar
    11. LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar
    12. Godiva 2019 Chocolate Advent Calendar


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