15 Affordable Outdoor Planters $25 and Under

May 20, 2021

Spruce up your yard with these 15 affordable outdoor planters!  Every one of these planters is $25 and under making them super budget-friendly!

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Last week, I took my mom for her annual Mother’s Day greenhouse outing.  We ended up hitting not one, but two greenhouses this year, and then made a trip to HomeGoods to pick up some new pots.  So I came home with a bunch of new plants (despite taking my mother-in-law to the same greenhouse a couple weeks ago for her Mother’s Day gift) and pots to put them in!  And now, I think I can finally say that our backyard is ready for summer!

We scored big on plants at both greenhouses and ended up buying matching pots at HomeGoods!  We got the most adorable little turtle flower pot, a pineapple pattern pot, and a really cool black rattan style plant stand that included a pot and was only $25!  Major scores!  Especially since I’ve been working on switching our plastic pots and planters for ceramic pots in neutral colors.

Affordable Outdoor Planters $25 and Under 

After bringing home all of my new pots and plants, I spent the past week working outside on our yard, deck, and garden. The weather has been perfect and to say it’s been time well spent is an absolute understatement. It’s been fabulous! After all of that hard work cleaning up the yard and planting new flowers, herbs, and veggies was done, I’ve been spending every nice day sitting out back, relaxing, and enjoying being outside again!

If you’ve been sprucing up your yard with new flowers, plants, and pots, check out these affordable outdoor planters I found on Amazon.  Every one of these is 25 dollars and under!  And not that I need anymore plants or pots, but some of these have made it onto my wish list just in case I feel like adding another plant somewhere!

  1. Small Ceramic Pots Set
  2. Round Plastic Planter with Self Watering Root Protection Tray
  3. Marble Pattern Planters
  4. Large Ceramic Succulent Planter
  5. Small Metal Flower Plant Stand
  6. Cement Palm Leaf Planter
  7. Charcoal & White Striped Planter
  8. Woven Water Hyacinth Hanging Planter Basket
  9. Marble Pattern Hanging Basket
  10. Positive Vibes Metal Railing Planter
  11. Faux Rock Style Flower Pot
  12. Glazed Ceramic Modern Planters
  13. Modern Mid Century Black Planter with Black Stand
  14. Modern Chic Planters with White Geometric Mosaic Texture Patterns
  15. Hand Glazed Cement Plant Pot

Want to add some flower pots to your yard with handmade touches?  Check out these DIY flower pot projects!


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