BarkBox: A Last Minute Gift Idea for your Fur Bestie

December 18, 2015

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It’s Hunter’s first Christmas and our first Christmas as fur parents, so we’ve been spoiling Hunter rotten to the point where he’s been given some of his gifts early.  His three month subscription to BarkBox ended in October.  I think I loved the boxes just as much as Hunter, so I got him another subscription for Christmas.

His December BarkBox arrived yesterday and I think it’s the best box he’s received so far!  Hunter got two new toys, a treat tin that replaced the one I was using, a box of gingerbread cookies, a rawhide treat, and salmon jerky that he loves.


Hunter has a shoe fetish, but thankfully not in a way that make him want to chew up all of our shoes.  No.  He just wants to sleep on them.  I had a pair of crochet slip-ons that I wore all Summer.  I swear he remembers them from the first we visited Hunter and his brothers.  Now, he sleeps on my Uggs.  He’s got good taste!  So he seemed to be really excited to see his new slipper toy.

He also really loves playing with plastic bottles.  If you’re drinking one, he makes sure you give it to him to play with when you’re done.  It’s starting to look like a recycling center around here, but whatever keeps him happy!  When I pulled out the flannel shirt toy, I not only thought it was really adorable, but knew Hunter would love it since it’s a bottle cruncher, too!  This is a toy he can tug, chew, and crunch!


I love that BarkBox sells treats made with simple, all-natural ingredients.  They cater to dogs with allergies, too.  When you sign up for a BarkBox subscription you have the option to check off whether your dog has an allergy or not. You also have the option to choose if your dog prefers plush toys or chew toys in their box.  Hunter is a fan of soft, chewy treats so he’s loving the salmon jerky that came in this box.  It’s definitely a treat I’ll have to order again for him.  Especially since it’s just as beneficial to dogs as it is to humans!

The holidays are hectic and sometimes we forget to shop for our furry, little besties.  A BarkBox subscription is the perfect solution!  I look forward to seeing what’s inside Hunter’s box each month just as much as he does!

Do you shop for the pets in your family for the holidays?


  • Reply Reagan March 19, 2017 at 11:18 AM

    Hunter is a cairn right? He looks just like mine! So sweet.

    • Reply Jessica March 20, 2017 at 9:14 AM

      Yes! Hunter is a Cairn. He’ll be two this year. That’s awesome!

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