Be Careful What You Wish For

March 11, 2013

I remember wishing for winter towards the end of the summer.  I was sick of sweltering, hot days.  I was sick of feeling hot and sticky, never cool enough.  I couldn’t wait until summer turned into crisp fall days and then cold, snowy winter.  At least I hoped for snow this winter.  

Last winter was mild and ultimately a disappointment.  I hadn’t seen my fair share of snow.  I didn’t have to worry about commuting through icy weather this winter.  I didn’t have to make unpaid snow days so I wouldn’t have to risk the drive into work.  I was excited for the “bad winter” everyone kept predicting.  I may have been the only one.  So when the first snow fell, I was like a kid.  I ran to the window to watch the snow fall.  I made hot chocolate and took in every snowflake I could.  It was a good snow.

The snow continued to fall in flurries and our most recent storm this past weekend.  It was enjoyable while it lasted, but I think it’s time to hang up my winter wishes for another season.  It was in the 50’s this weekend.  I was able to get outside, clean out the garden with my husband and bask in the sunshine.  We pulled out chairs from the basement and put them on the deck. We sat and relaxed in the sunshine.  

We talked about what we were going to do with our garden this summer and planted some red and white onions.  We took a long walk while it was still light.  The days are going to be growing longer.  The temperatures will start to rise.  The snow we got over the weekend has melted and I find myself now wishing that that’s it for another season.  I was spoiled in snowflakes this winter, but I’ve had my fill.  I’m wishing for the return of warmer days.  It’s time to hang up our snow gear.  At least until next winter.


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