Best of Summer 2014

September 3, 2014

There used to be a time when I really, really couldn’t wait for Summer to end.  I couldn’t wait to embrace the magic of Fall that brought us pumpkin everything, apple picking and hay rides, Halloween spooks and thrills, sweater weather, the changing colors in nature and even the anticipation of the holiday season beginning.  Then last Winter happened.  SO MUCH SNOW.  I don’t even want to think about the possibility of its return this year.  A former lover of a Winter’s white kiss, I have now become a Heat Miser.  I can’t believe Summer, an unusually cool one at that, is ending.  But it’s leaving behind memories of all the new, fun and sometimes adventurous things we have done.

First, let’s talk about our garden.  Our wonderful little bed of dirt in a corner of our backyard that has produced so much for us and unleashed a love of canning and preserving in me.  We have been lucky enough to enjoy and share kale, spinach, radishes, beets, two types of tomatoes, two types of peppers, garlic and an abundance of berries from our bushes.  We still have carrots in the ground not ready to be pulled and I would love to plant another row of beets and radishes before the season ends.  I will be sad to once again leave my morning ritual of watering, tending and picking behind.
I had the pleasure of seeing Walking with Dinosaurs with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, niece and nephew.  As a dinosaur lover and one who has watched Jurassic Park a record number of times, this was such a cool show to see!  I don’t know how they do it, but it really made you feel up close and personal to a period long gone.  
My husband and I spent my birthday in a relaxing country setting in Lancaster, PA.   We drove around the farmland and I took him to the interesting little shops I knew from previous visits.  We had our hotel room upgraded to a King suite and spent my birthday evening floating around a hot tub and eating homemade apple pie.  The next day we stopped into Cabela’s, which was a whole trip in itself!  Despite thinking my husband would be lugging Cabela’s shopping bags to the car, I probably did more damage that he did!  It was a very good birthday.
We went zip lining and canoeing while my husband was on vacation. We started the week in the Poconos, high above the trees.  It was the first time zip lining for both of us.  I, for one, LOVED IT.  I wish I could zip line everywhere! I don’t think my husband found it to be as thrilling as I did, but agreed we would do it again (somewhere higher and longer, even!).  Later in the week, we headed to a local canoe club and rented a canoe for two hours.  It was so nice being out on the river!  We said we would do it again in the Fall.
It wouldn’t be Summer without a trip to the beach.  Would you believe that I just got there?  I have been to the boardwalk a couple times, but hadn’t been on the beach, in the sand, soaking up the sun until last week!  It was long overdue, although I do love the off-season down the shore.  It makes me feel like the beach is all mine.  I am looking forward to that.
Well, Summer, it’s almost a wrap for the year although the stores have been pushing you out since late July.  Sigh.  It’s been a good Summer.  As we “Fall forward,” let’s keep creating these memories.


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