15 Bigfoot Father’s Day Gifts for Dadsquatch

June 3, 2021

If your dad believes that Bigfoot is out there somewhere, he’ll love these 15 Bigfoot themed gifts for Father’s Day!

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If you know my dad, then you know he loves his family, he loves pizza (making it and eating it), he’s a big fan of Superman, and he believes in Bigfoot.  Some might think it’s a little wacky to believe in a big, hairy beast that roams wooded areas.  But stranger things have happened.

I mean, 2020 basically confirmed the existence of aliens. And if you’ve ever traveled through the Pine Barrens in New Jersey, you know all about the legend of the Jersey Devil.  As for me, I’m more of a Loch Ness Monster girl.

But I’ve seen Harry and the Hendersons a few times.  I’ve even sat down with my dad and watched some of those Bigfoot search shows and documentaries.  I’m a pretty opened mind gal, so Harry could be out there just trying to live his life without being pestered by humans.  If he is out there, I can’t really blame the guy for hiding out and getting peeved any time he’s disturbed.

15 Bigfoot Father’s Day Gifts for Dadsquatch

If your dad dreams of getting a research team together and going ‘squatching, check out these 15 Bigfoot themed gifts that would be perfect for Father’s Day!  They might not be as impressive as night vision binoculars or a trail cam – although you could totally grab him those, too – but he’ll definitely get a kick out of these gifts!

  1. Bigfoot Tool-a-Long Multi-Tool
  2. Bigfoot Air Freshener
  3. Handmade Whiskey Glass Set
  4. Bigfoot Paw Slippers
  5. Ask Me About My Sasquatch Shirt
  6. Bigfoot Search Team Tumbler
  7. Sasquatch Socks
  8. Bigfoot Playing Cards
  9. Bigfoot Poop Soap
  10. Sasquatch Skin Care Bar
  11. Bigfoot Saw Me Pajama Set
  12. Embroidered Bigfoot Hat
  13. Dadsquatch Shirt
  14. Gone Squatchin’ Can Koozie
  15. Frosted Bigfoot Beer Mug

Does anyone in your family believe in Bigfoot?



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