5 Easy Ways to Bond with Your Dog Everyday

May 3, 2019

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It’s National Pet Month! Celebrate by keeping your relationship strong and growing with these easy ways to bond with your dog everyday. It’s as simple as taking a walk together or treating them to Nudges® Chicken Jerky Dog Treats!

May is National Pet Month, but every month is National Pet Month around here! Hunter is a lucky dog! He’s with me day in and day out. I usually keep my day pretty busy, but there’s always room for a little playtime with our pup! When my husband comes home from work, the fun continues with evening walks or a game of fetch in the yard.

Hunter gets lots of love and attention from both of us. He trusts us equally and is pretty good about listening to us. We definitely have a strong bond with our dog and work to keep it strong and growing!

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No matter what stage of life your dog is in, it’s important to keep strengthening your bond. There are little things you can do daily to keep building your relationship. Just like our relationship with others, your bond with your dog requires trust, communication, and having lots of fun together!

There are certain activities that we started at an early age with Hunter that we continue to do daily and weekly. It’s as easy as keeping healthy grooming habits, going for a walk, or giving them a special treat to reward them for good behavior!

Make a grooming schedule

Ever since Hunter was a puppy, we started a weekly grooming routine. It might seem funny to brush your dog’s teeth, but it helps keep them fresh, strong, and clean! Not only that, Hunter trusts us enough to get up close and personal in his mouth without any aggressive behavior. We also use that time to clean his ears (he loves a good ear cleaning because it’s like getting a massage!), brush him, and give him a trim, if necessary. Now, Hunter knows when it’s time to get groomed and doesn’t put up a fuss to have it done.

Keep training your dog daily

Hunter learned commands pretty easily as a puppy. But he still has some stubborn ways about him. It’s in his breed! So it’s important to keep on top on training no matter how old your dog is. Keep correcting those bad habits, but be sure to give your dog lots of praise, or even a treat, for listening to commands! They say you “can’t teach old dogs new tricks,” but you can help them remember the ones they already know!

Give them quality treats

Hunter is family and we don’t feed our family just anything! So we take special care to include simple, natural ingredients in his diet. That includes treats! Every dog loves being rewarded, so we give Hunter Nudges® Chicken Jerky Dog Treats. USA chicken is the #1 ingredient and they’re made without corn, soy, or wheat. These treats are all natural and made in the USA. These protein-rich treats are a great way to show your pup how much you care!

It’s National Pet Month and your pet deserves something special to celebrate your bond! You can find Nudges® Chicken Jerky Dog Treats in the pet aisle at Sam’s Club. Follow this link if you want to earn a free gift card! All you have to do is download the Shopkick app and get rewarded for purchasing Nudges dog treats! Shopkick is one of the few ways that you can find additional savings at Sam’s Club.

Take time out of your day for playtime

No matter how busy I am during the day, there’s always time for playtime! Even if it’s just a short break from work, I’ll make sure that Hunter gets that necessary brain stimulation to keep him occupied and out of trouble! Maybe it’s a quick game of ball outside or tug-of-war with one of his favorite toys. Playtime is good for both of us! It keeps me from sitting at my desk all day and it makes Hunter happy to spend some time playing with me! 

Explore the outdoors together

We love being outside this time of year! Whether we’re working in the yard or hanging out on the deck, Hunter is always outside with us. The fresh air is good for all of us! Since Hunter’s such a social dog, he loves being outside, visiting with the neighbors, or meeting new friends at the park, or during walks around the neighborhood!

Seeing Hunter live his best life makes us happy! These simple bonding activities have become a big part of our daily routine. Celebrate National Pet Month with your best friend by treating them to Nudges® Dog Treats. These soft, natural treats are a great way to show your dog how much you love them!


How do you keep your bond strong with your dog?


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