Changes to Come

September 24, 2012

I feel like I have so much to talk about, yet my words are scrambled and somehow become meaningless in over-thinking thoughts.  I wondered if I should make some sort of recipe post–perhaps tell you about how I was out in the garden again and plucked scallions out of one of my pots in the backyard, cleaned them, dried them with a paper towel, put them on a wire rack and dried them in the oven.  But we just discussed drying herbs not too long ago.  I think you have the hang of it.  I wondered if I should write a gratitude post about this summer since I’ve been overly excited about the fall, but then I realized that you should all know how grateful I am for this summer.  I’ve been blessed with one hell of a husband, a pretty new car and new experiences I’ll forever cherish.  Maybe I should just tell you about how I’m in a social media funk.

I am having another one of my debates over Facebook, Twitter and any other website/app that makes me totally accessible to the Internet world.  I went through this last year or the year before.  I felt way too accessible and then deleted my Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.  That lasted about a month.  I realized that there were actually some people that I wanted to keep in touch with.  I started new accounts and became more conscious of people I was adding.  I only wanted to keep in touch with family and certain friends.  That didn’t last long either.  My friends lists once again grew and a few days ago I realized that I didn’t feel comfortable with some of the posts showing up on my news feeds.  I realized that I didn’t have the same common bonds as I once did with some people, while I never really spoke to others.  It was a few nights ago that I started cleaning out my friends list again.  But I feel like my Internet life needs a revamp on a whole…

Before I got married, I came up with a name for a post-marriage blog (actually, Mike came up with it, but we’ll get to that much later), but felt too attached to Confessions of a Former Undomestic Goddess to make the change.  I think I’m ready to make the change.  It won’t be for a little while, but this blog will be getting a whole new look, new feel and most importantly a new name that is a lot more personal to me.  I will let you know when the big unveil is to be made and I hope you will all stay with me for the new journey this blog will take.

Thank you,

Jessica H.


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