Classic Jersey Shore Lobster Roll {SoFabFood Post}

July 24, 2018

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If you’re craving a perfect summer sandwich, look no further than these Classic Jersey Shore Lobster Rolls! They taste just like the lobster rolls found at waterfront restaurants down the shore!

Forget ice cream during the summer! My ultimate summer treat is definitely lobster!  My husband isn’t a big fan (I know, right?), so he gets the turf and I get the surf!  While a whole lobster is always a good time, I’m all about a good lobster roll.  I got hooked on them after interviewing a restaurant down the shore after Hurricane Sandy.  After talking with the owner, I stayed for one of their famous lobster rolls and got treated to their amazing lobster bisque, too.  Not only is the food delicious, but if you sit dockside, you get to watch the fishing boats come in with their catches.  So cool!

Hopefully I can get down to the shore before the summer ends.  Even if I can’t make the trip, I’ll be satisfied with this homemade version of Classic Jersey Shore Lobster Rolls.  I’m sharing my recipe on the SoFabFood website today!  This recipe makes two lobster rolls and costs less than the price of one at a seaside restaurant!  Big chunks of lobster meat are tossed in a mayo mixture and stuffed into soft split top buns.  It’s a perfect summertime meal for two!

You might need these to make your lobster rolls:


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