Clean Slate: Cookbook Review

January 30, 2015

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Allow me to introduce you to what might be one of my new favorite cookbooks.  The editors of Martha Stewart created the Clean Slate cookbook as a nutritional guide to inform and inspire you about the meals you create and the food you eat.  This book focuses on mindful eating and recipes made with whole, unprocessed foods.  Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or have certain food allergies, there are dishes for everyone to enjoy!
The cookbook is broken into two parts:
PART ONE introduces you to clean eating habits, nutrient-rich foods, how to restock your pantry with healthier choices and two action-meal plans for detoxing the mind and body.
PART TWO contains easy recipes to REPLENISH, REBOOT, RECHARGE, REENERGIZE, RESTORE and RELAX the body.  From breakfast, lunch and dinner and also juices, smoothies, snacks and desserts, this book takes you through your entire day.

Breakfast is a meal that I can’t seem to follow through with on a daily basis. Some days I skip it. Other days coffee serves as a meal replacement.  The days in between, I’m searching for something left over in the fridge to munch on.  Not the healthiest start to the day!  But there is one go-to breakfast food that never fails me – eggs.
I cut back on my egg consumption after blood test results proved my cholesterol levels were a bit high.  The culprit?  Too many eggs!  So I don’t eat as many and try to eat just the whites, but some days I indulge by leaving the yolk.   When I saw the recipe for Poached Eggs with Roasted Tomatoes in this cookbook, I knew what I would make for my “yolk” day.
Before this recipe, I had never poached an egg in my life.  It’s surprisingly easy and creates a perfectly set egg for someone who loves to dip into the yolk.  The eggs floated in water like ghosts and while the whites became solid, the yolk stayed a magnificent, liquefied yellowy-orange. Although I was careful during the removal process, I still managed to break a yolk while plating it.  But that’s what nooks and crannies in English muffins are for!  The addition of roasted tomatoes and thyme makes this dish really burst with flavor.  It’s a colorful, wholesome start to the morning.

As the New Year continues, we shouldn’t leave our resolutions to be healthier behind.  This cookbook not only shares nutritional recipes to keep you satisfied throughout the day, but helpful information on how to eat better in order to live better.  Clean Slate has all the information you need to live a healthier lifestyle.


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