Craft Night at Chartboost feat. DIY Geode Ring Kits

June 12, 2015

A peek into craft night at Chartboost including DIY geode ring kits that I made especially for the event!

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Craft Night at Chartboost feat. A Little Loka Geode Rings

There’s nothing I love more than logging onto Darby Smart and seeing a picture someone shared of one of the projects they made with a craft kit I designed.  It makes the fact that I’m designing products for others to enjoy a bit more real for me.
Craft Night at Chartboost feat. A Little Loka Geode Rings

A couple weeks ago, I received an order for geode rings.  Instead of a fully made item, I collaborated with Sarah from Chartboost to create DIY geode ring kits for Chartboost’s craft club.
First of all, I think it’s pretty awesome that there’s a company out there that hosts a craft night for its employees.  How fun is that?!?  Secondly, I had never put together craft kits before (myself, not through a Darby Smart kit), but I had a lot of fun with this!  It definitely looks like the craft club did, too!
Craft Night at Chartboost

I sent 10 kits to Chartboost.  Each kit contained a metal ring base, a small geode stone, a single use glue and a business card (and also confetti – a new packaging necessity).  I also created an instruction printout for everyone.  Although the stones were already painted silver, I sent the club another silver paint pen, as well.

Craft night also included other goodies from Darby Smart including agate stone jewelry.  The girls made some amazing jewelry pieces to go along with their geode rings.  I wish I could have been there to join in!

The geode rings are pretty simple to make.  Grab yourself a metallic paint pen, a metal ring base, a small geode stone and some heavy duty glue.


1. Paint your geode on each side and allow paint to dry.
2. Position your geode onto the ring base.  It helps if you secure a flatter side of the geode to the ring base.
3. Glue the geode into place and allow glue to dry.
4. “Rock” your new ring!


Instead of geodes, some of the ladies opted to use small agate slices for their rings. They make such a bold, colorful statement.  Don’t you think?

It was a pleasure working on this order for Chartboost’s craft night. Special thank you to Sarah for taking these pictures!  She was so nice to work with and I hope she and the club enjoyed this project and their new jewelry!

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