Daily Blessings and a New Start

May 17, 2012

A couple weeks ago while searching for budgeting tips, I stumbled upon an article on 7 Free Things You Can Do This Week to Simplify.  While reading the list, I came across an idea to start a gratitude journal.  It was an idea that I kept in the back of my mind, but never acted on.  The idea is to take positive aspects of your day and document them in a journal.  Instead of focusing on the negative, as we often do, we can cherish the little blessings we have encountered during the day.

I truly believe timing is everything.  Today I was told that the 31st would be my last day of work.  I have been laid off.  I am not looking for sympathy, not apologies, not sad faces.  In fact, I am looking at this as a very positive opportunity; a new door opening as another closes.  My job hasn’t been satisfying to me.  In fact, it’s been downright miserable for the past year.  Being laid off has come as a relief to me.  I get to take a step in a new direction.  In fact, I was planning on leaving anyway; milking my time for all it was worth while I was still able to work there.  I would be leaving after Mike and I got married to start life as a wife and, God-willing, a mother.  In the meantime, I have time to decide on what I really want to do, to discover passions and move forward with my life.

I felt today would be the perfect day to start my blessings journal.  So I sat out on the deck tonight with my citronella candle burning, a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and a fresh page in a paper journal.  I started to write.  As I wrote, I discovered that while I feel a tad guilty for celebrating the loss of a job while so maybe people are without and struggling, I shouldn’t.  I am celebrating a new life.  As long as I’m truly happy, there’s nothing to feel guilty about.

As I wrote in my journal, “onward and upward!”


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