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How to Decorate Your Home with Artificial Plants

If you’re houseplant challenged like I am, decorate your home with artificial plants instead. They’ll add an effortless touch of green to any room in the house!

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I am what you might call “houseplant challenged.”  I can manage to keep my outdoor garden alive, but houseplants – no matter how low-maintenance – are a bit tricky for me.  So after the last plant I brought home took a dive, my husband told me, “Stick to fake plants.”  So a few months ago, I purchased an artificial fiddle leaf fig tree to fill in a corner of our home.  It was a great score!  I got it half-price and when I brought it home, it immediately found a place in one of my decorative baskets.  No watering and no sunlight required.  You want low-maintenance?  Skip the greenhouse and buy an artificial plant instead!

Now, artificial plants have made their way into many rooms in our house.  These days, you can find some really nice looking artificial plants to add a little green to your home.  Not only is there no care required (besides a dusting of the leaves every now and then), it’ll be easier on your wallet if you’re like me and have trouble keeping houseplants alive.  Don’t believe that artificial plants can look just as good as the real thing?  Read on!  

Arrange eucalyptus branches in a vase

These days, I’m pretty obsessed with eucalyptus.  As much as I love bouquets of fresh flowers, there’s just something about a well-arranged vase of eucalyptus branches.  It’s a simple look that adds a natural touch of green without being too distracting from the other decor in the room.  Plus, eucalyptus is super trendy right now!  Add a few branches to a glass vase to make any room feel a bit more stylish!

Hang a boxwood wreath

I’ve used artificial boxwood before in a few DIY projects.  But I recently fell in love with a simple boxwood wreath from Target.  It’s become a staple piece in my home.  It’s a full wreath that looks great whether it’s hung up on the front door or on our china cabinet.  Because of its simplicity, it can be displayed all year round.  Also, if you’re into the farmhouse theme, a boxwood wreath will fit perfectly into your decor!

Put a fiddle fig tree in a decorative basket

Another super trendy plant is the fiddle leaf fig tree.  An artificial one costs just about as much as a real one, but will last you a lot longer!  I got mine at a craft store, but this one from Target is a lot fuller and a little taller than mine.  Put it in a decorative wicker basket for a stylish look.  It will instantly add effortless charm to any room!

Add a trendy succulent arrangement to your home

The succulent trend isn’t going away anytime soon.  And if you’re like me, these low-maintenance plants are still a pain to keep alive.  My mother-in-law got this succulent arrangement and I can’t begin to tell you how much I love it!  It looks great on a shelf and definitely livens up a room!  The best part is that I’ll never have any trouble whatsoever keeping these succulents alive!

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