DIY Cozy Pocket Scarf

January 16, 2015

Learn how to sew a cozy fleece scarf with pockets with this easy DIY project!


My mom was over last weekend, hanging out and helping me get back on good terms with my sewing machine.  Mom had the magic touch and helped me accomplish most of a clutch that I’m working on.  We turned to wine after having some trouble figuring out how to finish off the flap, but I was determined to get back to sewing this week.
I wanted to make a fleece scarf with pockets for a while now.  I had the project saved from a magazine page.  Their instructions were over-complicated for a straight piece of fleece with ends folded over to make pockets.  While they suggested hand-sewing the pockets with embroidery thread, I made the whole scarf with my machine.


– Approximately 50″ x 18″ piece of fleece fabric
– Fabric scissors
– Sewing machine and thread
1. Cut your fabric lengthwise to make two 9″ wide pieces.
2. Sew your pieces together to create one long scarf.
3. Flip the scarf inside-out so your nicely sewn seams are showing.
4. Take one end of the scarf and fold it back about 8″ and pin the sides, leaving about an inch on top of the pocket.
5. Fold the top of the pocket back about 1/2 inch and pin.  Sew just the top of the pocket to form a nice edge.  Make sure not to sew the pocket shut!
6. Then, sew the sides of the pocket to the scarf.
7. Repeat with the other end and you’re ready to snuggle up with your new scarf!
I hope these instructions are clear enough to follow!  If you can work a sewing machine and sew straight lines, you’ll be able to make this cozy scarf in no time!


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