DIY Denim Hello Banner

May 27, 2015

DIY Denim Banner

When my home office got updated a few months ago, I decided to make a denim banner to hang from the side of my desk.  It’s a happy little “hello” that greets me every time I enter the room.  

This simple, no-sew DIY makes a cute decoration to hang in your office, on the wall, on your front door or as a party decoration.  To make a more rustic-looking banner, use burlap and twine instead of denim and faux leather cord!


– faux leather suede cord
– 3/8-inch wooden dowel rod
– denim fabric
– white paint pen
– no-sew fabric glue


1. Draw the shape of your banner (make it about a foot across) on the back of your denim fabric with pencil and a ruler.  Cut the shape out with good fabric scissors.
2. Measure and cut your wooden dowel to a little over a foot.
3. Next, overlap the top of your banner onto your wooden dowel, leaving room on each end of the dowel to add your cord for hanging later.
4. Using your no-sew glue, glue the denim overlap onto the back of the banner.  Allow glue to dry completely.
5. It’s time to decorate your banner!  Write a simple “hello” or other greeting with your paint pen.  Use a stencil or freehand your greeting.  Allow the paint to dry.
6. Add the faux leather suede cord by tying it onto each end of the wooden dowel and securely knotting it.  
7. Hang your banner!

How will you decorate your banner?

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