DIY Glow-in-the-Dark Decorative Halloween Plate

October 22, 2014

Make a spooky DIY decorative plate for Halloween made with skulls and spiders and glow-in-the-dark Mod Podge!

I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Plaid Mod Podge and Blueprint Social. I have been provided with Mod Podge materials to create this project. The opinions in this post are my own.


With Halloween just around the corner, there is still a little time to get those last minute decorations in. This incredibly easy project uses a dollar store plate, Halloween printables and Mod Podge supplies.  The spooky spiders add a 3-D touch to this vintage-inspired decorative plate while casting a ghostly glow at night.

The glow-in-the-dark Mod Podge seals your images while casting a spooky glow that gets stronger with every coat.  I used Collage Clay to pipe out spider bodies and added their legs and eyes with colorful Mod Melts.  The Mod Podge Silicone Craft Mat kept my work area clean and was extremely easy to clean up afterwards.
You’ll need:

  • Glass plate from the Dollar Store
  • 2 copies of printable October sheet music
  • 1 copy of skull head printable
  • Glow in the Dark Mod Podge
  • Mod Podge Collage Clay
  • Purple and red Mod Melts and glue gun
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Wax paper
  • Mod Podge Silicone Craft Mat (optional)


  1. Tear your October sheet music printouts into randomly sized pieces.  
  2. Apply a coat of Glow in the Dark Mod Podge onto your plate and start applying your torn paper, overlapping the pieces.  You may have to apply more glue to the plate as you put your pieces of paper down.  Let dry.
  3. Cut out your skull head and glue down onto the center of plate with Mod Podge.  Apply a coat of Glow in the Dark Mod Podge over the entire plate.  Dry.
  4. Roll out a sheet of wax paper and pipe a few spider bodies onto it using the collage clay with round tip.  Allow to dry at least overnight.
  5. When spider bodies have hardened, paint them black.  Dry.
  6. Using your glue gun, melt Mod Melts and glue spider bodies randomly onto your plate.
  7. Pipe out spider legs and eyes.  Dry.
  8. Display your plate and watch it glow!





Make sure to activate your glow-in-the-dark plate in light so it will glow at night.  Display as is or add a Fall bouquet or candles to it.


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