DIY Lemon-Lavender Bath Soak

October 13, 2014


It’s kind of funny to be writing a post about bath soak when I prefer showers over baths.  Unless there’s a hot tub around, you won’t find me sitting around and soaking!  However, the combination of citrus and herbs is always a favorite of mine.  While I won’t be using my soak as just that, I’ll probably add a little oil (olive or something similar) to turn this soak into a scrub.
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So how did this soak come about?  Sometimes you do a clean out and find a gem hidden in a binder.  This page came from the now defunct Jane magazine that I once loved so very much.  If you’re not familiar with Jane, the publication began in the late 90’s and had a non-traditional format among other female marketed magazines.  It featured up-and-coming celebs and artists, fashion features, issues among young women, recipes and DIY projects.
The only thing left from my past subscription is this page I tore out containing front and back projects. Since its resurfacing, I decided to take on these crafty little projects one-by-one.  First up: the “Ultra-Relaxing Bath Soak” that originally uses an orange and dried chamomile.  I just happen to be allergic to chamomile (it’s not pretty) so I used a few sprigs of flowery lavender from my garden and a lemon instead.
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