DIY Marble Coasters

August 3, 2015

Create classic and chic looking marble coasters using tiles and contact paper with this easy DIY Marble Coaster project!

DIY Marble Coasters

I love when a DIY comes out of necessity and want for something new in the home.  Our coasters needed a serious upgrade.  The cork that sat inside a round, plastic circle was starting to lift from years of glasses, mugs, bottles, and cans being set into it.  So I recently decided to order some craft supplies and make a new set for our home.
Marble is such a classic look and marble DIY’s are so hot right now!  Like many other coaster projects, this one starts with a white tile base.  I added small, cork rounds to each corner of the tiles to make sure they wouldn’t scratch any surfaces.  I measured a tile against marble contact paper. I used my paper cutter to cut out four squares of contact paper.  Then, I peeled back one end of the contact paper and carefully applied it to the tile.  This is a stylish update to hold your drinks.


  • 4″ ceramic tiles
  • Marble contact paper
  • Diamond glaze
  • .75″ cork rounds


  1. Cut your contact paper to size using a craft knife or scissors.
  2. Peel the backing off of the contact paper and carefully stick onto the glossy surface of the tile.
  3. If air bubbles appear, you can peel the paper off (it’s easy to un-stick and re-stick) and try again.  Use a credit card to smooth out the air bubbles or pop them with a small pin.
  4. Add cork rounds to the bottom of your coasters to make sure they don’t scratch any surfaces.
  5. Use the Diamond Glaze to add a glass-like finish to your coasters.  Allow to dry completely before use.


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