DIY Oil Blotting Papers

August 12, 2015

Keep these DIY oil blotting papers on hand for sticky summer days! All you need is some white tissue paper and a cute tin to keep them in!

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DIY Oil Blotting Papers
It has been a hot summer here in New Jersey!  Until last week, we dealt with temperatures reaching the high 90’s, making for sweltering summer days.  I have come to realize that it’s just not possible to look or feel cute in the summer when the minute you step outside, your face feels like it’s melting off of you.  That’s one thing that I absolutely hate about this time of year – feeling hot and sticky!
I do spend a lot of time outside so it seems impossible to avoid that sticky feeling.  When I come back inside, I usually end up running to the bathroom sink to wash my face.  If you can’t wash your face on-the-go, it’s always good to have oil blotting papers handy. Instead of paying lots of money for luxury oil blotting papers, you can make your own for just a few bucks!  Believe it or not, tissue paper is great to use as oil blotting paper!
DIY Oil Blotters

I love upcycled DIYs, so I decided to make a case for my oil blotting papers out of an Altoid tin.  I covered the tin with adhesive vinyl, then used some floral washi tape to jazz it up!  It makes a cute little carrying case for your blotting papers and hardly takes up room in your purse!
Use your Altoid tin to trace a template onto the tissue paper.  Continue cutting out as many blotting papers as you wish for your case.  You probably won’t need more than one sheet of tissue paper for this project.  You’ll get plenty of oil blotting papers out of just one sheet!
DIY Oil Blotters


  • Adhesive vinyl sheets
  • Floral washi tape
  • Tissue paper
  • Craft scissors
  • Altoid tin


  1. Trace, cut, and decorate your tin with an adhesive vinyl sheet and washi tape.  
  2. Then, trace and cut oil blotting paper sheets out of a sheet of tissue paper!
  3. To use, dab a sheet over shiny areas on the face.  Repeat, if necessary with a new blotting paper. 

DIY Oil Blotters

What’s your favorite Summer beauty product?


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