DIY Rhinestone Constellation Pumpkin

October 24, 2014

What’s your sign? Use rhinestone crystals to create a DIY Constellation Pumpkin that really shines!


The craft store flyer advertised Fun-kins at 60 percent off so I decided to buy another one.  When I got to the craft store, all that was left were super sparkly, bright purple pumpkins.  I love sparkle, but I was not looking to decorate a Vegas showgirl!  Considering the cheap price tag, I brought one home anyway.  It wasn’t anything a little spray paint couldn’t fix!  So I painted it black and used rhinestones to create constellations on each side.  My husband is a Cancer and I’m a Leo.  One thing I noticed during my search was that each website seemed to connect their constellations differently.  I guess connect-the-dots can get a little confusing in the big, night sky!

Step one: take a large, carvable pumpkin and use black spray paint to paint it black.  Let dry completely.
Step two: plan your constellation.  Use a pencil to mark off the “stars,” then use super glue to glue 7mm round crystal rhinestones onto your pencil markings.
Step three: connect the dots!  Use a silver Sharpie marker to outline the constellation.
Step four: go over your outline with glow-in-the-dark paint so your constellation glows at night. (optional)

Display with your other pumpkins for a different take on Halloween decorating!


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