15 Best Dog Birthday Party Supplies

July 7, 2020

Throw your dog the cutest birthday celebration ever with these 15 Best Dog Birthday Party Supplies including balloons, banners, toys, and treats! 

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Hunter is going to be five years old in exactly one week! That’s 35 in dog years! For Hunter’s first birthday, I made homemade pupcakes for him and my sister’s dog (who was also turning one that year).  It wasn’t a full blown puppy birthday party, but it was a fun to make a special occasion for some of the family pups!  Honestly, for all of the dogs we have in the family (close to 10!), we could throw a big dog birthday bash!  

I know.  Some people might think throwing a big birthday party for your dog is a little silly.  But I think it’s a cute way to show your dog how much you love them!  It’s always fun to see them get so excited over things and watch them play with other dogs.  Of course, Hunter’s a weird dog and I’d probably have to invite the neighbor’s cats to our party (he loves them!).

15 Best Dog Birthday Party Supplies

If you want to show your dog a little extra love on their next birthday, check out these fun dog birthday party supplies!  Make them a celebration to remember with party balloons, hats, cake, toys, and more!  Don’t forget to make some puppy party favors for your special guests! 

  1. Birthday Cake Kit
  2. Puppy Pawty Invitations
  3. Let’s Pawty Balloons
  4. Dog Milestone Chalkboard Sign
  5. Pet Birthday Paper Hats
  6. Dapper Dog Birthday Gift Box
  7. Birthday Cake Dog Treats
  8. Fur Ever Young Banner
  9. Edible Birthday Card
  10. Happy Birthday Dog Cake
  11. Birthday Cupcake Squeak Toy
  12. Fire Hydrant Cupcake Holder
  13. PupCups with Sprinkles
  14. Dog Birthday Bandana and Party Hat
  15. Party Favor Bags

Have you ever thrown your dog a birthday party?



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