How I Doubled My Pinterest Following in Just a Month

October 20, 2017

If you’re having trouble increasing your Pinterest following, I’ll show you how I doubled my Pinterest following in just one month with these simple tips!

I know what you’re thinking.  “Not another post trying to tell me how to ace social media!”  Sure, there are plenty of posts like this floating around the blogosphere already.  The difference between those posts and mine is that I’ve struggled for years to try and grow my Pinterest following organically. In fact, it got to the point where I had pretty much given up on using my Pinterest account.  Besides pinning my blog posts, I wasn’t very active on Pinterest.

That was only one major reason why my Pinterest account wasn’t growing! 

No one was going to find my lonely, neglected Pinterest profile in a sea of active pinners!  Then one weekend, I got inspired to pay a little more attention to my Pinterest account.  I spent an afternoon sitting on the floor with my laptop and started doing major cleanup!  Once I had my profile updated and my boards organized, I felt motivated to pin more frequently!  Having an unorganized and messy Pinterest account was definitely a big deterrent for me and for potential followers! 

Before I tell you what helped my Pinterest growth, I’m just going to say that I’m not a social media expert by any means.  My social media following isn’t in the tens of thousands.  But these tips have definitely been really helpful these past few months!  Before I started, I was under 1K followers!  Now, I’m over 2K and consistently growing!  

Make sure your profile is up to date

My Pinterest profile was a hot mess before I straightened it out!  Since I connect my Pinterest account to my blog, I changed my name to my blog’s name.  That way my readers will instantly recognize me when they click my profile!  So you might want to update your profile pic, as well.  Write a short description about yourself and make sure it includes who you are, what you do, and what you’re all about!

Organize boards and cover photos

Now that we’ve gotten passed the first impression, it’s time to really find out what you’re all about!  My Pinterest boards were an unorganized disaster! Part of that was a Pinterest glitch, but the other half was pure negligence on my part!  So I started by organizing my boards alphabetically, except for my Living La Vida Holoka board.  That’s the first board you’ll see on my profile.  I want my fellow pinners to be able to find what they’re looking as easily and quickly as possible.  

Write better board descriptions

Do you know how many of my boards didn’t have descriptions?  Too many!  Sure, a picture may say a thousand words, but a description tells all!  So I took some time to write better board descriptions.  Even if your Pinterest boards seem pretty obvious without a description, write one anyway.  Make it witty, descriptive, and clear about your board.

Organically pin posts

I have a social media scheduler that can pin to my Pinterest board for me.  I hardly use it.  I find that spending a little time on Pinterest and pinning organically works best for me.  Find out when your followers are most active on Pinterest (check out your analytics) and pin around that time.  Honestly, I pin the most at night when I’m watching TV with my husband.  I usually have my phone nearby anyway, so it’s a convenient time for me to hop onto my account.

Make pinnable images for your blog posts

If you’re a blogger, getting traffic to your site is one of your main goals.  So you want your images to look good for potential pinners!  Not only should you have a “Pin It” button on your site, but your images should be pinnable.  If you’ve noticed, now every one of my blog posts has “PIN FOR LATER” at the bottom with a pinnable image right underneath.  These images are attention grabbers on Pinterest and tend to do much better than horizontal images.

Follow Pinterest users with similar content

While you’re scrolling through Pinterest, you’re bound to see recommended boards for you.  Take a look through them.  If you like what you see, follow that board!  Follow bloggers that you like, as well.  You’ll probably end up with a few new pinners who would love to follow you back!


Each day I continue to see growth with these simple tips!  You’re probably on your phone while you’re sitting on the couch at night.  Use a little of that time to pin posts to your boards.  The next morning, you’re bound to see some growth!  Even if it’s just a few new followers each day, you’ll continue to see Pinterest growth without follow threads, sponsored pins, or paying for a service!

What have you done to grow your Pinterest following?

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