5 Easy Ways to Cut Sugar From Your Diet

August 13, 2019

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These 5 Easy Ways to Cut Sugar From Your Diet will help you make healthier choices when you’re craving something sweet! These tips include simple sugar swaps that will keep your sweet tooth satisfied while allowing you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sweets have probably been one of my biggest struggles this summer!  On those hot and humid days, all I’ve really wanted is to dig into a big bowl of creamy ice cream topped with a generous drizzle of chocolate sauce. On top of that, there’s nothing like cooling off with bottled lemonade, iced tea, or even a sweet adult beverage.  But there’s no more of that for a while! 

Since I’ve been cutting back on some of my bad food habits and introducing better foods into my diet, I’ve also been swapping in healthier sugar alternatives.  There are plenty out there, including some easy swaps right in your own kitchen!  You don’t have to deny your sweet tooth just because you’re cutting out the sugar!

If you’re looking for simple ways to cut sugar out of your diet, head to SoFabFood.com! I’m sharing 5 Easy Ways to Cut Sugar From Your Diet and still keep your sweet tooth satisfied.  It’s as easy as making your own dressings and sauces instead of buying them bottled, eating fresh fruit when you’re craving something sweet, using spices in place of sugar, and more! 

What’s your favorite healthy sugar swap?  Read the full SoFabFood post here and follow along on Instagram for more great tips and recipes!

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