12 Emoji Dog Toys and Treats

April 18, 2016

Love using emojis in your daily conversations?  Shared your love for emojis with your dog with these 12 fun emoji dog toys, treats, and more!

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I don’t know about you, but I could probably hold an entire texting conversation in emojis.  My favorite and most used emojis are definitely the slice of pizza, heart eyes face, little puppy face, and the face with tears running down it from laughing too much.  And every time a new emoji is added, I get stupid excited for it!  I mean, it’s about time they added a unicorn and taco emoji! But where the heck is the cupcake emoji?  Am I right?

So when I saw there were emoji dog toys, I just had to get a few for Hunter!  In fact, I got him a whole bunch of new toys and treats with a slight emoji theme.  He already has a heart eyes emoji toy from Valentine’s Day, so I added a couple more things to his overflowing basket of toys.

12 Emoji Dog Toys and Treats

I ended up getting Hunter a poop emoji toy (because what dog owner hasn’t used the poop emoji in their daily conversations), a chicken leg chew toy, and some burger and pizza treats.  Surprise, surprise.  The poop emoji toy ended up being one of his favorites to play with! 

  1. Heart Eyes Dog Toy
  2. Poop Emoji Dog Toy
  3. Pizza Dog Toy
  4. Burger Bites Dog Treats
  5. Chicken Leg Chew Toy
  6. Emoji Tennis Balls
  7. Eggplant Plush Toy
  8. Dog Emoji Sweater
  9. Poofessional Pet T-Shirt
  10. Emoji Dog Collar
  11. Pizza Dog Treats
  12. Dog Emoji Squeaky Toy

What’s your favorite emoji?



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