Father’s Day Popcorn for Pop

May 25, 2016

This Outdoor Popcorn Popper with kernels and seasoning is the perfect gift for your grill master dad this Father’s Day!

Thank you to Uncommon Goods for sponsoring this post. Consider shopping Uncommon Goods for unique Father’s Day gifts this year and supporting up and coming artists and designers!

Father's Day Popcorn for Pop

I don’t know about you, but every month it seems like there’s some holiday or some event in our family keeping our calendar full.  With Father’s Day just around the corner, I’ve been brainstorming gifts for the dads in my life.  I need something for my father, something for my father-in-law, and something for my husband (the best fur dad there ever was!).  Of course, in our family, it’s not as easy as boxing up a new tie or giving dad a fancy, new pen for his work desk.  Nope!  These dads aren’t chained to a desk on a daily basis.  They’re all unique in their own way – just as their gifts should be.

So I decided to go a different route with my gifts while brainstorming for Father’s Day this year.  Sure, we’ll probably get my father-in-law his usual case of beer.  I’ll probably make my husband a DIY gift with a lot of heartfelt thought involved.  But my dad is always a little tougher to shop for on his birthday or any other special occasion.  Only the best for pop!

I come from a very foodie family.  I often joke that we’re the original foodies.  Usually, my dad gets some kind of food gift whether it’s a gift certificate to a new restaurant, a foodie gift basket, or a new cooking gadget.  I started thinking about my dad’s favorite things: baseball, food, freshly popped popcorn, food, his favorite daughter Jessica, and food.


What’s a better gift for your baseball loving, popcorn eating, grill master dad than a fresh new way to pop fresh popcorn? While browsing for Father’s Day gifts on UncommonGoods, I came across an Outdoor Popcorn Popper and knew it would be perfect!  Summer’s are meant for grilling and this popcorn popper makes it easy to snack away while hanging outside.  With the Popcorn Kernel and Seasonings sets, this is a perfect gift for my dad this Father’s Day!

So how does it work?  Add 4 tablespoons of coconut oil in the popcorn popper along with a few popcorn kernels.  Heat it over a medium flame on the grill.  When the kernels start popping, carefully pour in the rest of your container of popcorn kernels.  Cover and place on the grill again.  Shake the popcorn popper back and forth so every kernel can pop and popcorn doesn’t burn.  When the popping starts to slow down to a few seconds, your popcorn is done.

I completed the gift with popcorn bags.  Evenly distribute popcorn among the bags.  Then, it’s time to season your popcorn!  I got two sets of seasonings.  One was savory and one was sweet.  One bag of popcorn got seasoned with a BBQ seasoning that had a little kick to it!  The other was seasoned with a sweet, key lime pie seasoning.  So good!  And the thought that “everything’s better on the grill” certainly stands with this popcorn popper!


It’s not always easy shopping for the men in our lives.  However, UncommonGoods makes it a lot easier to choose the right gift for dad this Father’s Day.  It’s all there for you in their Gifts for Men and Father’s Day collections!  Have an anniversary coming up?  They’ve got you covered there, too, with their Anniversary Gifts for Him section.

But the thing I like most about UncommonGoods is that they support artists and small manufacturers.  Each item I received included instructions on how to use the popcorn popper and seasonings set, plus a card including the maker’s story.

In addition to that, UncommonGoods is a green company who believes in sustainability throughout their company.  The items offered are not only unique, but are made out of recycled materials and never include materials than are harmful to humans or animals.  To learn more about UncommonGoods and their business practices, read their Mission.

What are you buying your dad for Father’s Day?

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