Faux Succulent Christmas Tree

December 13, 2021

This Faux Succulent Christmas Tree DIY is a handmade gift for plant lovers and a no-maintenance centerpiece for your holiday table!  This budget-friendly craft is made almost entirely out of dollar store supplies!

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I’ve seen ads and articles about gorgeous succulent Christmas trees.  The problem is that they’re real succulents.  I may be a crazy plant lady, but succulents and I don’t have the best relationship.  At least when it comes to keeping them indoors.  I’ve managed to keep pot after pot alive outside, but I seem to kill every succulent that enters our home.

Besides, have you seen the prices of some of those live succulent trees?  Not exactly budget-friendly.  Especially this time of year!  So I found a budget-friendlier way to put a succulent Christmas tree on your table (or a friend’s) this holiday season without breaking the bank or having to care for it.

You can still have the look of a real succulent Christmas tree by making your own with faux succulents.  Not only is this succulent Christmas tree easy to make, it can be made almost entirely out of dollar store craft supplies!

Faux Succulent Christmas Tree

All you need to create a beautiful succulent Christmas tree is a foam craft cone, hot glue, faux succulent picks, and some LED lights.  This easy craft would make a beautiful centerpiece for your holiday table or a gorgeous handmade gift for the plant lover on your list!

Before beginning on my tree, I planned out the placement of my succulents around the cone.  Then, I heated up my hot glue gun and started gluing the succulents into place.

Once the succulents were into place, I checked for any noticeable gaps.  Then, I filled them by gluing small bunches of Spanish moss in place.  Once everything was in place, I trimmed the moss so it wasn’t hanging over the succulents.

Then, I glued pinecones in certain spots to give the tree a more festive look.  Finally, I unraveled the wire LED lights and wrapped them around the tree.  All that was left to do after that was to find a place to keep the tree and hit the switch to light it up!



  1. Heat a hot glue gun and plan the placement of the succulents around the foam cone.  Then, start gluing the succulents into place.
  2. Check for any noticeable gaps between the succulents and, if necessary, glue small bunches of Spanish moss inside the gaps to fill them.  Trim the moss.
  3. Glue mini pinecones in different spots around the cone.
  4. Then, unravel the wire LED lights and wrap them top-to-bottom around the cone.
  5. Display the tree or give it to the plant lover on your holiday list!

I definitely have a couple plant lovers on my holiday shopping list that I know would appreciate their own succulent tree.  Not only would this holiday DIY make a great Christmas gift, it would make a nice hostess gift, too!

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