Girls Night Overnight: Amish Style!

June 6, 2013

I haven’t spent a night away from my husband in years and that’s only because we had hit a rough patch in our dating relationship. I ended up at my parents’ house that night, taking over their bed (mom and dad hung out in the living room while I snotted up their pillows the entire night, telling mom as she came in to check up on me, “I hate him! I hate him!” in total dramatic girlfriend fashion). The next morning my husband/then boyfriend came around and realized he didn’t want to spend another moment away from me.  Smart man.  The only way he’s getting rid of me now is if he saws the wedding band off of my finger and drowns me in a river. That would make a nice country song, wouldn’t it?

Speaking of country and the main reason behind this post, I am willingly spending the night away from my husband and I cannot wait!  My cousin and I planned a day in Lancaster, PA to hang with the Amish, purchase local goodies, see the sights, eat pretzels while we watch buggies pull up at the bank drive-thru (quite amusing and our own little Lancaster tradition), become emotionally attached to little farm animals and have dinner before heading home. Out of the blue we decided to make it an overnight stay. The hotel rate was cheap enough and we had talked about staying overnight in Lancaster before. Now we’re actually doing it!

So now we’re going to be doing all of the above plus drinking wine, watching the street scene from our hotel room and sitting tight for a 9:00 viewing of Witness.  What can I say?  We party hard.


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