Go Nuts for Donuts with These Items from Amazon

September 10, 2018

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Go nuts for donuts with these 15 donut themed items from Amazon! Show off your love for donuts all year round, but especially during those sweet, donut-related holidays!

Americans really love to celebrate donuts. I mean, who could blame us? I guess that’s why in-between National Donut Day and National Doughnut Day (yup, there’s two of them!), there’s also National Cream Filled Donut Day. It’s a thing. I looked it up. And it just happens to land on the 14th of this month, which just happens to be this Friday!

I’m not much of a cream filled donut gal.  I prefer a simple sprinkled donut.  But for the sake of the holiday, I might have to partake in enjoying a nice Boston Cream donut.  It wouldn’t be American if I didn’t.  Right?

If your inner Homer Simpson is thinking, “Mmm…donuts,” right now, then you need to check out these items from Amazon!  Get them in time to celebrate yet another donut holiday or, you know, wear your donut love with pride any day of the year!  You can’t deny that a pink, sprinkled donut is pretty adorable on its own.  In those few seconds before you take that first delicious bite!  Anyway, get your donut on with these delicious – I mean, amazing items!

  1. Donut Backpack
  2. Donut Touch My Phone PopSockets Stand
  3. Bring Me a Donut Socks
  4. The Simpsons Donut Key Holder Key Ring
  5. Check Out My Six Pack Donut Shirt
  6. Donut Inflatable Pool Float
  7. Retro Pleated Donut Print Skirt
  8. Donuts Washi Tape
  9. Pink Donut PopSockets Stand
  10. Donuts Wristlets
  11. Donut Squad Shirt
  12. Eat More Hole Foods Print
  13. Donuts Laptop Decal
  14. Unicorn + Donut Drawstring Backpack
  15. The Original Donut Mug


Are you a fan of cream filled donuts? What’s your favorite kind of donut?

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