Greetings from Atlantic City!

August 12, 2013

Two years ago in August, my cousin and I planned a day trip to Atlantic City.  Our plans for the day included penny slots, eating and shopping on the boardwalk and a whale watching tour.  Our plans went awry when Hurricane Irene made landfall in New Jersey.  The hurricane left major flooding in its wake, road destruction and power outages.  Our trip was canceled.

Today we’re finally making our way back down to Atlantic City.  We’ll be doing a little shopping, hitting the slots (I’m not much of a gambler, but when in Rome do as the Romans do!), grabbing some eats and drinks and staying overnight. Tomorrow we’ll be taking a taffy making tour.  I’ve been on a big saltwater taffy kick this summer so it’ll be great!

This year, there aren’t any hurricane warnings in the forecast–just partly cloudy skies and a possible pop up shower.  AC, here we come!


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