How to Make Halloween Silhouette Lanterns

September 9, 2021

Make easy Halloween Silhouette Lanterns that will give your home a spooky, shadowy glow at night using the Cricut Joy and dollar store supplies! 

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A few months ago, I had a crafternoon with my nieces.  One of the things that we made were fairy lanterns.  I bought a kit that included jars, hanging lids with lights, fairy silhouettes to glue inside the jar, and a bunch of extra embellishments for decorating.

With Halloween coming up, I was inspired by that fairy lantern project and made a couple of spooky cute Halloween silhouette lanterns.  I love watching classic black and white horror movies around Halloween.  So I used those movies as my inspiration and cut classic movie monster silhouettes out of vinyl to stick onto my DIY lanterns.

I love decorating on a budget!  This project was super easy to make for under $10 with dollar store supplies like jars, lids, and LED lights.  I also used my Cricut Joy and black vinyl to create the silhouettes.

How to Make Halloween Silhouette Lanterns

After choosing and resizing my images in Design Space, I cut them out and stuck them onto glass pint jars.  Then, I screwed on hanging jar lids and added the LED lights inside.  This fun Halloween craft came together quickly and looks great all lit up at night!

The first thing I had to do to make this project was choose my images.  I chose mummy, tombstone, werewolf, and creepy tree silhouettes from the Design Space library.

After resizing the images to fit the jars, I proceeded to cut them out on solid black vinyl.  Once they were cut, I weeded the images and trimmed off any excess backing.

I used Transfer Tape to stick the vinyl cutouts onto the jars.  But since they’re smaller images, you could probably just peel and stick them onto the jars.

Once I had all of the images stuck onto the jars, all that was left to do was place the lights inside and screw on the lids!



  1. Open this image file in Design Space.  Resize the images, if necessary, to fit your jar.  Then, click Make It.
  2. Prepare a Cricut Joy StandardGrip Mat with black vinyl (unless you’re using Smart Vinyl, then no mat is required for cutting).  Then, follow the screen prompts to cut the images.
  3. Weed the images.  Then, use Transfer Tape to stick the images onto the outside of the jar.
  4. Once the images are in place, add LED lights to the inside of the jar and screw on a hanging jar lid.  Display your Halloween lantern in a window or on a table!

If you want to use these lanterns outside, I would recommend looking for solar lids that can be added to the jars.  Otherwise, these lanterns are a cute indoor decoration that can be used on Halloween tiered trays, hung in windows, or used in a table centerpiece.

If you don’t have a Cricut cutting machine, you can cut silhouettes out of black cardstock or construction paper and glue them inside.  But if you have a Cricut Joy, this is a quick craft that’s fun to put together for Halloween!

Did you make this Halloween Silhouette Lantern project? Share it on social media using the hashtag #livinglavidadiy. Don’t forget to tag me @lavidaholoka!


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