DIY Herb & Essential Oil Pesticide

July 13, 2016
Need a natural way to keep pests away from your garden?  Head to Hello Nature today to make your own DIY Herb & Essential Oil Pesticide!

DIY Herb & Essential Oil Pesticide

By now you probably know that I love my garden. I love hanging out in my backyard while it’s warm enough to do so.  I love going outside in the morning and picking fresh berries from our bush and plucking homegrown peppers and tomatoes from their branches.  This year, I’ve even gotten pleasure out of the mundane task of pulling weeds and keeping the garden clean.  However, after all of these years of gardening, I’m still not 100% cool with sharing space with pests.  

Today on Hello Nature, I’m sharing an easy DIY Herb & Essential Oil Pesticide to keep those creepy-crawly critters away from your plants!  This homemade pesticide allows you to keep your plants and your family safe from harmful chemicals while protecting your garden.  Bugs won’t like this nasty concoction of mint, garlic, and essential oils!  Mix it up and spray it on your plants. But don’t forget to rinse before consuming your homegrown goodies! Naturally keep those pests away and enjoy your hard work and Summer harvest!


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