Hidden Treasures

November 5, 2013

Whenever I hear people say that there’s nothing to see in New Jersey and that it’s a dirty place to live, I want to take them to the hidden treasures I stumble upon every now and then.  While visiting my sister-in-law and niece last week, we took a drive to two parks to wander through the woods and allow me to take some photographs.

The first park we visited had a fountain in the middle of a pond.  It looked so pretty in the sunlight.  We started to walk a path through the woods, but were deterred by a log blocking our path (pretty hard to clear when there’s a stroller in tow). So instead, I wandered ahead to snap a few photos, then we ventured to our next destination.

Hidden in the middle of a winding road and wooded area was a breathtaking, mountainous view bursting with autumn color!  I walked ahead to the beach to take pictures of the view in front of me, the grandeur of the lake and the gorgeous fall trees.  I wanted to capture it all!

It was lovely to spend time with family and get introduced to such beautiful, natural places.  It just goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover.  Look a little closer. There are hidden treasures everywhere!


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