Holiday Cookies List – Free Printable

December 20, 2021

If you’re gifting homemade Christmas cookies this holiday season, make sure to include a copy of this Holiday Cookies List free printable.  Write out all of the yummy cookies they’ll be enjoying and include the list with your cookie tins and trays!  

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My Christmas baking is done for another season and I sent off my first few trays of Christmas cookies this past weekend.  Since I tend to add new cookies to my cookie trays each year – and usually end up with a few texts asking what kind of cookies they are – I decided to send my trays off with a list.

So I created a simple printable – with Christmas cookie designs and enough space to write out my list of cookies – to include with each cookie tray.  This gives my cookie tray recipients a better idea of the cookies they’ll be enjoying.

Also, if you come from a family with food allergies, it’s a good way to keep track of different trays.  Certain trays I put together don’t include certain cookies and treats.

This printable is a full sheet, but if you bake as many cookies as I do during the holidays, you’ll be thankful for all of that extra space!  I had just enough room to write in the list of 13 cookies and treats I made this year!  Then, I folded the paper in three and taped it to the cookie tray.


Download this free printable to include with your holiday baked goodies!  There’s even a space at the bottom of the page to write in your recipient’s name.  They’ll appreciate this list as they eat their way through your homemade cookie tray!


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