5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy This Fall

Fall is a great time of year to get outside and get active with your pet! Keep your pet happy and healthy with these 5 simple tips!

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After a week of Summer-like weather, it’s finally starting to feel like Fall around here!  It’s the perfect time of year to get outside and play!  Our dog, Hunter, loves to be outside.  When it’s cool enough, he’ll sit outside on the deck as squirrel surveillance.  He loves going for walks and waiting outside for my husband to come home from work.  We’ve even made it a daily routine to play fetch while we wait for my husband’s car to pull up!

But one of the things that I most enjoy this time of year is packing up my backpack and taking Hunter with us on long walks and hikes.  We’re definitely a lot more adventurous during the Fall.  It’s not too hot and not too cold, which makes it perfect for an afternoon of outdoor activities!

It’s so important to keep your pet happy and healthy all year long.  There’s no doubt in my mind that Hunter’s living his best life!  His tail is always wagging!  As pet owners, we take care to Fuel the Wag with healthy and safe choices for our pet.

Weekend afternoons in the Fall are usually spent in the park or on a hiking trail.  When we’re at home, we’ll be outside playing ball, taking a walk around the neighborhood, or just sitting around the fire pit at night.  No matter what we do with Hunter, we always make sure that he’s comfortable, healthy, and safe.

Keep your dog happy and healthy this Fall with these 5 simple tips!


Keep them hydrated

Where ever we go, we make sure that Hunter has plenty of water.  It’s important to keep ourselves hydrated, but it’s especially important for Hunter when he’s running around and having fun.  So we bring a water bottle with us and a travel water bowl.

Keep them protected

When you’re hiking in the wood or walking in a grassy area, it’s important to keep your pet protected from fleas and ticks.  We always make sure Hunter is up-to-date with his flea and tick medication.  While we’re on the subject, it’s also a good practice to check your dog for ticks when you get home!  They like to hide in warm, dark places like under their legs, in their ears, on their head, and by their tail.

Make playtime a priority

Playtime isn’t just a great way to keep your dog in shape.  It’s a great way to keep you active, as well!  That’s why I try to work as much playtime as possible into our daily routine.  Playtime isn’t just great exercise, it’s always a great way to keep your bond strong with your pet!

Give them a break

Even though playtime is great, you always want to make sure that your pet isn’t overexerting themselves.  Take it easy and let them rest.  After a long afternoon in the park, we always make sure Hunter gets a good drink of water and plenty of rest!  He always wakes up refreshed and ready to play again!

Fuel the wag with Nature’s Recipe

While I was food shopping at Stop & Shop recently, I picked up a bag of Nature’s Recipe Grain-Free Chicken, Sweet Potato, and Pumpkin Recipe for Hunter.  We learned early on that Hunter needed to be on a grain-free diet, so it’s great that Nature’s Recipe has grain-free options. These Natural Recipes with added vitamins and minerals ensure that Hunter’s healthy and in his best shape!

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A good diet starts with wholesome ingredients.  Nature’s Recipe fuels the wag with high quality ingredients in their premium recipes.  Hunter loves homemade treats made with pumpkin.  So I knew he would love the Grain-Free Chicken, Sweet Potato, and Pumpkin Recipe from Nature’s Recipe!  It’s Fall flavor your dog can enjoy!

Nature’s Recipe is now available at mass grocery stores (it was previously sold only in pet stores).  Look for it where dry dog food is sold.  Want to Fuel the Wag this Fall?  Keep these tips in mind to keep your pet well-fed, safe, and happy!  Don’t forget to take advantage of this Checkout 51 offer when you shop!


How will you Fuel the Wag this Fall?


  1. Such great tips! We don’t take our Papillon on many hikes, but we do like to take him to the dog park to run around every once in a while. 😉

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