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How to Make a Fairy Garden

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How to Make a Fairy Garden

I have to admit that when fairy gardens became a trend, I was actually a little creeped out by them.  Don’t get me wrong – fairies are adorable, little creatures.  But unless Tinkerbell was taking up shop in my garden, I didn’t see a reason to build a teeny-tiny home just for my plants.  Then, the more I saw DIY fairy garden tutorials and miniature fairy garden items in the craft store, the idea kind of grew on me (no pun intended).

So this week, I made my first fairy garden.  I took a ride to the craft store over the weekend with my mom and found a few pieces to start my garden.  Those ended up going back to the store after finding an entire kit at Christmas Tree Shop for less than the cost of the pieces I picked up at the craft store!  I even managed to find a few tiny plants to add to my garden while I was at CTS. 

While it was fairly easy to put a fairy garden together using a kit, I decided to share some tips on how to make a fairy garden if you’re just getting into the trend yourself!

How to Make a Fairy Garden


Buy individual fairy garden pieces or find a fairy garden kit complete with items to make your garden.  The kits are more economical and there are plenty of different scenes to choose from.


Where will your fairy live?  A regular flowerpot or another type of container?  I chose a galvanized bucket and had my husband drill holes in the bottom for drainage. 

How to Make a Fairy Garden


Before you get started, figure out where everything will go in your garden.  Plan where you’ll plant your greenery, lay down stones, and set out furniture.  It’ll make creating your fairy garden that much easier!


I found a few Exotic Angel Plants while I was at CTS for just a few bucks a piece.  I chose Alternanthera, Aralia, and Dragon’s Tongue.  They’re small, lush, green plants that fit perfectly in my container and among my scene!

How to Make a Fairy Garden


Aside from my great plant finds and the pieces in my fairy garden kit, I added a pathway using small river rocks. And to cover some empty space, I put down a little preserved forest moss.  My final touch is a solar fairy I ordered that will sit on the edge of the garden.

Are you ready to make your own fairy garden?  I hope these tips proved to be helpful.  I love seeing this little garden on our backsteps now.  It’s so darling and a charming way to add another garden in our yard!

Have you made your own fairy garden? 


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