Meet Hunter

September 11, 2015

I received product from BarkBox in exchange for a series of reviews. No other compensation was received, although this post does contain affiliate links.

Meet Hunter

Ladies and gents, I am so pleased to introduce you to the newest member of our family, Hunter Holoka.  We welcomed Hunter into our home on Wednesday.  He’s been my shadow and my husband’s after work playtime buddy ever since.

Hunter is a Cairn Terrier born in a litter of three.  We got to meet his brothers a couple weeks ago when we went to officially pick him out.  It was honestly one of those “We didn’t pick him, he picked us,” kind of moments.

Meet Hunter

The puppies were brought out to us and placed in their play pen in the yard. I went into the pen first. Hunter came right up to me.  The same thing happened when my husband went into the pen.  Hunter was super friendly, playful, and loves his belly rubs!  We knew immediately he would be the puppy we would be taking home.

His first day home definitely seemed too good to be true.  As expected, he had a few accidents, but was overall a very good boy.  Yesterday was a little tougher. I had woken up with a bad sinus headache (even though it felt like I never went to sleep), it was pouring outside, and Hunter woke up like a totally different dog.

Meet Hunter

We jinxed ourselves saying how calm he seemed for a puppy.  Now, he’s tearing ass around the house! After yesterday morning’s adjustments and clean up, we started getting into a better rhythm and I started noticing some of Hunter’s patterns and signs.

I tired him out with his basket of toys.  He’s getting better adjusted to sleeping in the crate.  When he wakes up and whimpers, it’s time to go outside. I even noticed that he started walking to the kitchen door to go out back.  I was losing faith in my training routine, but he might prove me wrong after all.

Meet Hunter

Hunter’s first vet appointment is next Friday.  I want to get him in a better training routine before he starts having visitors.  I know everyone’s so anxious to see his cute little face!  I’m also excited for his next BarkBox to arrive.  He already has a few favorite toys, including the bearded lady plush from last month’s BarkBox.

Now that Hunter’s home for good, I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot of his face around here in my posts and around my social media accounts!


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