Our Modern Rustic Bedroom Makeover

July 30, 2018

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Do you remember how excited I was for our kitchen makeover?  Well, I was probably ten times more excited for our bedroom makeover!  I moved into my husband’s fully furnished house after a few years of dating.  It was like the quintessential bachelor pad.  Leather couches, dark, masculine furniture, and as soon as he put a ring on it, I knew I had to add a few feminine touches of my own.

The bedroom furniture always bothered me.  It wasn’t my style.  Think: Uncle Jesse’s 1980’s bedroom set from Full House.  Oh, how I wish I were kidding!  But it was a sturdy set and held a lot of memories for us.  It’s where my husband asked me to move in.  It’s where he proposed.  But with each year, it got more and more outdated and worn out. So when we decided to redo two rooms in our house this year, we decided on the kitchen and the bedroom.

I don’t have any before pics this time around, but trust me on this one, guys.  It was a total time warp!  The walls got a fresh coat of paint.  We went from beige to Behr Paint’s Muted Sage.  It’s a subtle olive green color that’s neutral enough without being boring!  

We unintentionally ended up with another rustic, farmhouse-inspired room.  Initially, we were just looking for solid wood furniture that was simple, but classic.  We’re talking no frills, just nicer than what we started with.  So we went to Raymour & Flanigan’s showroom.  Our choices were plentiful and our top choice changed many times! 

We didn’t order anything during our first visit.  Instead, we did a little research, visited another showroom, and ended up back at Raymour & Flanigan.  Another few times around the showroom finally had us settled on two bedroom sets. 

The funny part is, neither one of these sets was in our top choices during our first visit.  Both were modern, rustic sets with a slightly distressed finish that we somehow must have passed over the last time we were there.  We kept going back to one of the sets and ultimately decided on the Ashlyn bedroom set. I couldn’t be happier with our choice!

Let’s start with the dresser.  I absolutely love the details!  It has a great, distressed look to it.  The sides of the dresser have a plank finish to them.  I love the mixed pewter drawer pulls and large mirror.  The drawers, themselves, are a good size.  I was able to comfortably transfer all of my clothes from our old dresser into the new dresser with room!  The drawers are sturdy, but easy to open and close.  

I was also happy to finally have a place to put a glass lantern I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby!  It matches our bedroom colors and adds a nice touch to the room without being “too much.”

Since I have so much drawer space in the new dresser, my husband is storing some of his clothes in the nightstand.  It has the same combo of pewter drawer pulls and detail on the side.  Our old lamp worked with our new set, but I wanted something a little more modern.  I found this geometric style map on Amazon. It’s the perfect size for our nightstand.  The style is simple, but a lot trendier!

Last, but not least, the bed!  Our old bed had a rather large headboard in width.  Our new bed has a tall headboard, which makes it seem so much bigger to me!  It’s another piece in this bedroom set that has great detail to it.  We now have a footboard, which is new to us, too.  I thought it would be a lot harder to make the bed with a footboard, but it’s not!  

Our old comforter set looked nice with the bedroom, but go big or go home.  Right?  So while I was shopping Prime Day, I got us a new, floral comforter set and the softest bed sheets ever!  I’m not even kidding!  If you need new, affordable sheets, check these out.  They’re so nice!  It doesn’t hurt to have them on a brand new, super comfy mattress either!

I keep saying that our bedroom is now our “grown up” bedroom. It just looks so much nicer!  Now, we can give our bank account a well-deserved break. Our two rooms are finished, so all that’s left to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy them!


Have you made any updates to your bedroom recently?

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