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Moss and Burlap DIY St. Patrick’s Day Art

Rustic farmhouse style meets the luck of St. Patrick’s Day with this easy Moss and Burlap DIY St. Patrick’s Day Art project!

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If you couldn’t tell from the abundance of recipes on the blog lately, I have been in a bit of a DIY funk.  One of the cures for this so-called funk has been a walk through the craft store.  That’s just what I did this past weekend. It was a rainy Sunday.  Hubby and the dog were hanging out on the couch together.  So I decided to go do our food shopping for the week.  Afterwards, I stopped into the craft store for a little inspiration.

As I walked slowly through the floral section and enjoyed the sight of the colorful Spring greenery, an idea popped into my head.  With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, I pulled inspiration from Irish moss.  So I bought a moss mat and upholstery tacks to make some rustic St. Patrick’s Day decor with other supplies I had at home.

I brought my new craft store goodies home and went up to the attic.  I had Ireland print burlap originally used as a table runner for St. Patrick’s Day.  I also had a couple stretched canvases to use. Sunday night, I got to work on wrapping my canvases with burlap.  I used upholstery tacks to secure the burlap in place.  They also added a nice look to the side of the canvases.

The last step was working with the moss mat.  I’ve used moss many times for terrarium projects.  I’ve never worked with cutting up a mat of it before.  I printed out a couple stencils from the internet and traced on my patterns as well as I could.  Cutting the mat was easy, but messy.  The moss was easy to glue into place, too, with a glue gun. 



  1. Cut your burlap to fit the canvas, but leave enough to wrap around the canvas. You can cut off the excess later.
  2. Drill holes around the border of the canvas.  Only drill holes halfway through.  Your hammer will take care of the rest!
  3. With burlap held in place, wrapped around the canvas, line your upholstery tacks up to each hole and hammer them all the way into the canvas.
  4. Heat your hot glue gun.
  5. Next, download a stencil (I Googled the shamrock and traced one of my horseshoes).  Cut it out and use a black marker to trace the stencil onto the back of the moss.
  6. Carefully cut the shape out of the moss.  Glue it onto the center of the burlap wrapped canvas.
  7. Cut off any excess burlap hanging off the back of the canvas.  Shake off an excess moss into a trash can.
  8. Grab yourself a beer and display your St. Patrick’s Day artwork!

You already know that I love the look of farmhouse decor.  I really love the way these pieces came out!  It almost makes me wish I had a little more Irish in my blood so I had an excuse to leave them out all year!  Who knows?  Maybe they’ll bring me some good luck if I do!


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