Our Wedding

July 22, 2012

It started with a chance, a first date, a first kiss, moving in, and then a ring.  A date was set, the time and place, an idea for a quaint gathering in a family backyard for a reception.  A marriage application was submitted, packages started arriving at our door, boxes started piling up in our dining room, and a dress was purchased.  

The morning of the 20th came so fast.  I was fine until my parents got to our house, then the emotions started.  Through glassy eyes, smiles persisted…with a little nervous nausea and a sour feeling in the back of my throat.  But we did it.  I couldn’t tell you what the Mayor said to us, but I listened and waited to be instructed to “take this man” and say “I do”…all the while trying not to burst out into fits of laughter because that’s just what I do when I get nervous.  
We became husband and wife on a rainy Friday morning and celebrated with family on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  We both had such a great time and if I had the chance to do it again, I wouldn’t do anything different.  I’ve never seen Mike happier and I’ve never felt so loved.  It was perfect and I feel incredibly blessed to be Mike’s Mrs. Holoka.


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