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DIY Easter Cloche Terrarium

March 24, 2016

This post may contain affiliate links.  Making a purchase through one of these links helps to support this blog. Create a pretty Easter egg hunt scene with this DIY Easter Cloche Terrarium tutorial! I really can’t believe that Easter is this weekend!  Where is this year going already?  I recently changed up my winter snow terrarium (one of my first Maker’s Mix-Up posts!) to make it a little more festive for Easter.  I had pretty, speckled, pastel Easter eggs that…

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DIY Winter Snow Succulent Terrarium

January 21, 2016

This post may contain affiliate links.  Making a purchase through one of these links helps to support this blog. We got our first snow over the weekend! It was so much fun to take Hunter out to experience it for the first time.  Apparently puppies don’t care that your fingers are nearly frostbitten from making snowballs for them. It was hard to get him inside!  But it was so much fun running around the fresh powder and getting some frame-worthy…

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DIY Winter Wonderland Air Plant Terrarium

December 17, 2015

This year, I had a lot of fun working with plants.  But I’ve realized that only certain plants seemed to have all the luck in my presence.  I did pretty well with succulents, although I did have some meet their ultimate demise under my care.  Knock on wood, air plants have fared the best with me so far. Quite a few have stayed alive and kicking for a couple years now.   We all know that the holidays seem to…

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DIY Halloween Ghost Terrarium

October 12, 2015

This weekend was full of fun, Fall activities!  As I said on Friday, we kicked off our weekend with my friend’s wedding.  It was beautiful, she looked beautiful, and I had a great time catching up with some of the girls I went to school with.  Before Hunter’s vet appointment on Saturday, we took him to run around the park.  I think that might have to become a weekend ritual for us!  Hunter really loves having a big, open space…

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DIY Easter Air Plant Terrarium

March 20, 2015

This post may contain affiliate links. Making a purchase through one of these links helps to support this blog. Create this cute DIY Air Plant Terrarium for Easter complete with bunny and Easter eggs! Hippity-hoppity, Easter’s on its way!  Easter is another one of my favorite holidays to decorate for since it’s full of pretty pastels and Springtime cheer.  With flowers beginning to bloom and the world coming alive again, nature can be used as Easter decor inspiration.   As…

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Warm Up Your Space: Build a Terrarium

February 9, 2015

Build a simple terrarium using succulents and warm up your space during the winter. This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase through one of these links. The way I see it, now that’s it’s February, Spring is just around the corner!  But when I put all the bright colors of the holidays away, the house feels so empty and dull.  One way to warm up your space is to add…

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