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Party Like a Pineapple Pumpkin This Halloween

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Keep those Summer vibes going and party like a pineapple with this DIY Pineapple Pumpkin that’s a fun, no-carve, Halloween project!

It was predicted that we would have a warmer Fall than usual this year. But I wasn’t expecting to feel like a hot and frizzy mess by October!  Maybe the fact that I’ve only had one pumpkin spice latte this season has to do with the fact that I’m still wearing shorts.  And despite starting to decorate my house with Fall and Halloween decor, I haven’t gone crazy yet.  

Thankfully, the nights are cool – cool enough to pull on a blanket and snuggle up to my husband.  When I wake up in the morning, there’s a chill in the air that tells me that Fall is actually here.  But by the time afternoon rolls around, I’m changing into shorts and flip-flops.  It just feels so wrong for the end of September in New Jersey!  As much as I’m trying to get myself into Fall mode, those Summer vibes are still going strong. 

This year for Halloween, I’ve decided to put a trendy spin on some of my pumpkins. Pumpkins that you wouldn’t necessarily find in cooler weather.  I started with a DIY Cactus Pumpkin, complete with a terracotta pot. Today, I’m following up with a DIY Pineapple Pumpkin that screams “Summer in October!”

Pineapples have become so trendy that one of my friends has even made it the theme of her daughter’s nursery!  I mean, what’s not to love about a pineapple?  They’re sweet, juicy, and très tropical!  And if you’re celebrating Halloween in a heatwave this year, they’ll add a fun touch to your spooky gatherings or front steps!

Sure, pineapple pumpkins have been done before.  Just take a look around Pinterest!  A lot of the pineapple pumpkins I’ve seen have paper fronds glued on top of a yellow painted pumpkin. I wanted my pineapple pumpkin to be different.

The idea I originally had for my pineapple pumpkin was to stick a giant air plant on top.  However, I think my husband’s banned me from bringing anymore air plants into the house.  Especially since I don’t have the best luck keeping the poor things alive!

Instead, I opted for artificial grass.  It still gives the pineapple pumpkin a natural look, but you won’t have to worry about watering or giving it an ample amount of sunlight.  Perfect for a gal like me whose inner green thumb is a little rusty!



  1. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint your pumpkin yellow.  Allow paint to dry completely.
  2. With a craft knife, carefully cut the stem off of the pumpkin.  
  3. Heat a hot glue gun.  Place the artificial grass into the opening.
  4. When the glue gun is ready, add a bit of glue to the edge of the opening to secure the grass into place.
  5. Next, use the brown paint marker to make v-markings all over the pumpkin.  
  6. Allow marker to dry and party like a pineapple pumpkin!

If you’re all about partying like a pineapple this Halloween, make your pumpkin stand out from the crowd with this DIY! You’ll definitely be hanging onto those Summer vibes through the Fall with this pumpkin as part of your Halloween decor!



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