How to Keep the Pineapple Trend Going After Summer

August 1, 2018

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Summer may be halfway over, but you keep the pineapple trend going after summer with these Amazon items for your home and your closet!

We have reached the halfway point of summer.  Can you believe it?  It seems like summer takes forever to get here and then it’s over in a flash!  Hopefully, you’ve gotten some good beach time in, hit the boardwalk for some food and games, soaked up the sun poolside, or whatever fun is on your summer bucket list!

Even though summer’s halfway over, that doesn’t mean you have to start putting all of your pineapples and flamingos away yet!  I mean, why just limit them to summer anyway?  You can easily keep the pineapple trend going after summer’s over! Just check out some of these pineapple items from Amazon.  Work them into your wardrobe or home decor and keep a little piece of summer with you all year long!

  1. Pineapple LED Battery Light
  2. Pineapple Storage Basket
  3. Glass Pineapple Water Bottle
  4. Pineapple Night Lights
  5. Pineapple USB Flash Drive
  6. Gold Pineapple Potted Succulent
  7. Pineapple Good Vibes Hat
  8. Pineapple Gold Fabric Storage Bins
  9. Be a Pineapple Illustration
  10. Mirror Fruit Pineapple Wall Sticker
  11. Pineapple Patern Canvas Tote
  12. Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board
  13. Pineapple Phone Case
  14. Pineapple Cross Body Bag
  15. Good Vibes Only Pineapple Pillow

I’m definitely putting that pineapple potted succulent and tote bag on my Amazon wishlist!  Which one of these pineapple items is your favorite?


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